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FAO Regional Office for Africa

Our Team

Agribusiness and Agro-Industries

Supports inclusive value chain and agribusiness development through policy support, capacity development and institutional strengthening of producer organizations and other value chain actors. It facilitates public-private partnerships in agri-food systems, mainstreams food safety and quality, advocates for harmonization of trade protocols and supports the development of agribusiness investment strategies within the CAADP framework.

Stephanie Gallat
Agro-Industries Officer
Email: Stepanka Gallatova
Tel: + 233 30 2610930
Ext: 41632

Agricultural Statistics

Supports Member countries and provides technical support to build strong National Agricultural Statistics Systems using FAO methodologies, tools and guidelines; to plan and execute agricultural censuses and surveys programmes including agricultural and household surveys; management of national agricultural statistic system, data dissemination using FAO platform for national data dissemination (CountrySTAT) and training of nationals on guidelines and normative tools produced by FAO.

Eloi Ouedraogo
Regional Statistician
Email: Eloi Ouedraogo
Tel: + 233 30 2610930
Ext: 41613

Animal Production and Health

Focuses on policy, technical advice and capacity development to member states, continental and sub-regional programs on sustainable livestock development; facilitates inclusive approaches and initiatives of FAO and partners’ on livestock matters at the regional level. Specific action is targeting livestock policies, pastoralism, animal genetic resources, national feed assessment and use, veterinary governance, prevention and control of priority diseases in Africa such as Peste des petits ruminants, African swine fever and Contagious bovine pleuropneumonia.

Cheikh Ly
Animal Production and Health Officer
Email: Cheikh Ly
Tel: + 233 30 2610930
Ext: 41632

Climate Change

Supports the development of an African Alliance on Climate Smart Agriculture, which aims to catalyse partnerships that will assist governments, smallholders, scientists, businesses and civil society to adjust and upscale CSA practices across the food systems. Technical support includes capacity development, policy and advocacy interventions on Adaptation and Mitigation, knowledge transfer.


Coordinates activities to support Corporate communications policy/strategy, programmes, advocacy campaigns and media relations in the Region.

Liliane Kambirigi
Communications Officer
Email: Liliane Kambirigi
Tel: +233 30 2610930 Ext.41203

FAO support to the CAADP implementation

In the overall policy work and in close collaboration with other partners, it provides support to the countries and Regional Economic Communities in pre- and post - CAADP compact processes. It strengthens the capacity of African institutions and assists in advocacy and mobilization of resources for the implementation of CAADP.

Fisheries and Aquaculture

Focusses attention on capacity and technical development, policy issues and implementation of projects; and fisheries management especially the minimization of Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fishing activities. In aquaculture, the focus is on preparation and implementation of aquaculture development plans and strategies, management of aquatic genetic resources for sustainable use and conservation are prominent, including networking by farmers to assess inputs, exchange information and decent employment creation.

Foday Bojang
Team Leader & Senior Forestry Officer
Email: Foday Bojang
Tel: +233 302 610 930
Ext. 41602

Food Security Information and Analyses

Provides technical support to, and develop capacities of Member States and Regional Economic Communities to establish and strengthen food security and nutrition information systems, early warning systems, to conduct cross-sectoral analyses and to disseminate reliable and timely information on the incidence and causes of food insecurity, malnutrition and vulnerability.

Koffi Amegbeto
Food Systems Economist
Email: Koffi Amegbeto
Tel: +233 30 2610930
Ext. 41616

Gender, Equity and Rural Development

Based on a dynamic network of gender focal persons in the region, this area promotes inclusive agricultural growth through equitable access to productive resources, services, technologies, markets and rural employment. It advances gender equality in agricultural policies, programmes, budgets, institutions and statistics.

Tacko Ndiaye
Senior Gender Officer
Email: Tacko Ndiaye
Tel: +233 30 2610930
Ext. 41610

Investment and South-South Cooperation

Leads efforts to generate increased and more effective public and private investment in agriculture and rural development. The Unit provides guidance and technical assistance to countries to integrate agriculture and rural development investment strategies into their national and regional development plans. Develops national capacities to plan, implement and enhance the sustainability of agriculture and rural development investments while also supporting efforts to develop and quality public/private investment programmes and projects.

Knowledge Management

Provides policy and technical advice to Member states focusing on knowledge and information management in food, agriculture and rural development with emphasis on the use of digital Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs); supports implementation of Corporate Strategy on Capacity Development in the Region; and supports corporate communication initiatives in the Region.

Justin Chisenga
Knowledge Management Officer
Email: Justin Chisenga 
Tel: +233 30 2610930 Ext. 41105

Partnerships with Non State Actors (NSA)

In line with the corporate FAO Strategy for Partnerships as well as the specific FAO Strategies for partnerships with NSAs, it focuses on building productive partnerships aimed at enhancing policy dialogue, capacity building and information exchange with NSA towards the goal of eradicating hunger.

Sylvana Ntaryamira
Partnerships Officer
Email: Sylvana Ntaryamira
Tel: +233 30 2610930 Ext. 42102


Advocates for the integration of explicit nutrition objectives into agriculture, health, education, economic and social protection policies in developing countries. Technical Support for the development and implementation of Nutrition-sensitive food and agriculture-based strategies including food production, dietary diversification, food safety and food fortification to ensure sustainable food and nutrition security, improve diets, combat micronutrient deficiencies, and raise levels of nutrition. 

Mohamed Ag Bendech
Senior Nutrition Officer
Email: Mohamed Ag Bendech 
Tel: +233 30 2610930 Ext. 41635

Policy Assistance

Assists countries and Regional Economic Communities in formulating, implementing and monitoring policies and programmes for improved performance of the agri-food system and plays a facilitative role in coordinating FAO policy activities.  In addition to capacity building of public institutions involved in policy design and implementation, it enhances policy dialogue and learning between development partners.

Programme Coordination

Assists the Regional Representative with resource and office management, programming and operations for Africa’s regular programme, TCP, FAOR Network, Regional Development Projects and the Field Programme in general. Through its work on CPFs, project operations and results-based Monitoring and Evaluation it helps ensure that FAO in Africa is effectively addressing regional, sub-regional and country development priorities.


The Resilience Operations Team mainly provides operational and programmatic support to country offices, resilience and the Emergency Centre for Transboundary Animal Diseases (ECTAD) hubs in the management of emergency, rehabilitation and resilience activities.

Alexis Bonte
Senior Resilience Team Leader
Email: Alexis Bonte
Tel: +233 30 2610930 Ext. 41400

Sustainable Forest and Natural Resources Management

Provides advice and technical guidance on development and implementation of strategies and policies in forestry and wildlife; promotes partnerships in forestry and natural resources management among countries in sub-Saharan Africa and between countries and Regional Economic Commissions; promotes valuing of forest ecosystem services and governance of tenure in forestry as well as community-based forest management; publishes Nature & Faune, a peer-reviewed online and print magazine.

Foday Bojang
Team Leader & Senior Forestry Officer
Email: Foday Bojang
Tel: +233 302 610 930
Ext. 41602

Sustainable Land and Water Management

Assists Member states to intensify agriculture production through a multidisciplinary approach for the sustainable development and management of land and water resources, and provides technical guidance at different stages of the project cycle.  Partnerships are key in mainstreaming climate change, gender, energy and relevant policies in an integrated approach.

Ruhiza Boroto
Senior Water Resources Officer
Email:  Ruhiza Boroto
Tel: +233 30 2610930 Ext. 41604