Subregional Office


 for Eastern Africa (SFE)



Agribusiness and Enterprise Development

Works in close coordination with the Agricultural Management, Marketing and Finance Service (AGSF) of the Agricultural Support Services Division (AGS) at FAO Headquarters.

In support of East Africa's agribusiness development, the Agribusiness and Enterprise Officer:

  • Develops and introduces farming systems methods for assessing farmers’ needs, priorities, opportunities and constraints;
  • Promotes use of the farming system in policy formulation; research, extension and education; and development, execution and monitoring of farm support programmes;
  • Assesses farm resource use and productivity, economic feasibility of technology adoption, enterprise selection in relation to marketing opportunities, and adjustments in farm size and organization;
  • Develops data banks and information systems on farm enterprises, resource use and productivity;
  • Organizes workshops, meetings, working groups and training sessions, provides technical backstopping to field projects in the sub-region, with the objective of contributing to increased agricultural productivity, output, and farm income, food security, and rural employment opportunities.

Agribusiness and Enterprise Development Officer: Susan MINAE (Ms.)