Subregional Office


 for Eastern Africa (SFE)



Animal Production and Health Unit

Working in close coordination with the Animal Production and Health Division (AGA) at FAO Headquarters:

  • Assists and coordinates a multi-disciplinary programme to promote new developments of the livestock sector in countries of the sub-region.
  • Cooperates in formulation of livestock development policies with special emphasis on restructuring, modernization or revitalization of the livestock sector.
  • Supports capacity building in animal production and health services.
  • Analyses the economic and technical constraints to developing sustainable systems of animal production and associated animal products processing industries.
  • Assists in the formulation of integrated livestock development projects and advises on all aspects from production to consumption.
  • Cooperates with all relevant institutions and NGOs active in the sub-region, in particular the International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI).
  • Promotes the organization of, and participates in technical meetings with livestock research and educational institutions involved in the livestock sector.
  • Assists in the identification and formulation of technical assistance programmes and projects and provides technical backstopping to the implementation of such projects.

Animal Production and health Officer: Emmanuelle Guerne-BLEICH

Livestock Production

FAO mandate in this domain is to increase durable livestock production and productivity that contribute in poverty reduction, improved food security, improved food safety, as well as in safe trade in livestock and Animal products while safeguarding environmental sustainability and biodiversity.

Key activities that are undertaken are:

  • Identifying the major purpose and priorities of the Livestock sector in the Region. Familiarization with Country institutions, stakeholders and partners within Livestock systems in the Sub-region, and gathering information about Livestock systems, potential & constraints, Processing, and Marketing as well as about the resources available for these activities. Meetings were held with Regional institution working in the horn of Africa like ECHO, ILRI, Tuft University and International and National NGOs.
  • Backstopping in ongoing Livestock projects in Burundi (Restocking - BAD funded project), Ethiopia (dairy and meat marketing activities - Italian funded) and Eastern Africa (Avian Influenza control and prevention - OPEC funded for Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia), and Somalia (Quality meat export and trade - EC and Arab League funded projects).
  • Formulation of four TCP/Facility programme in Burundi (Animal genetic strategic plan), Rwanda (Rehabilitation of the poultry hatchery centre) and in Ethiopia (Animal breeding plan, and strengthening of veterinary services).
  • Participation to major meetings: annual ALIVE meeting, ILRI/FAO/OIE, formulation Mission in Rwanda for the restructuration of the livestock sector.

Major Events 2008:

  • Workshop in Nairobi on Avian Influenza (HPAI) control and prevention, regional achievements (may 2008)
  • World poultry Congress in Brisbane, FAO/INFPD/WPSA joints organised sessions on Small-scale Family Poultry Farming in Developing Countries and Genetics and Breeding (June-July 2008)
  • Workshop Horn of Africa Middle East on meat quality for export (June 2008)