Subregional Office


 for Eastern Africa (SFE)


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Fisheries and Aquaculture

The Unit is working in close coordination with the Fisheries and Aquaculture Department at FAO Headquarters and with the following Divisions:

  • Economics and Policy, FIE 
  • Resource Management, FIM
  • Fish Products and Industry, FII 

 The Fisheries programme in the SFE region consists of three activities:

  • Implementation of the Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries, where priorities are:
  • Sustainable expansion of aquaculture;
  • Establishment of a Special Programme for Aquaculture Development in Africa (SPADA) ; and
  • Further strengthening of Regional Fishery Bodies.
  • Fisheries management, including
  • Conservation of resources and
  • Effective management of production systems.
  • Resource utilization, including
  • Production of safe and nutritious fishery products
  • Support to small scale fisheries and
  • Support to small and medium scale fish processing and marketing operators.

The above activities include the provision of technical support for the identification, formulation and implementation of field projects and programmes.

 Activities undertaken recently include:

  • Planning missions to Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan and Rwanda to discuss with institutions, fisheries organizations, industry and other stakeholders.
  • Design of aquaculture development projects for Kenya and Ethiopia
  • Preparation of inland fisheries activities in Sudan, Ethiopia and Rwanda
  • Technical assistance provided to Kenya in updating the Fisheries Legal Framework, support to community based fisheries, management, designing a Kenyan component of the global Reduction of Bycatch in Shrimp Fisheries project (REBYC II), conducting a study on the Social, Economic and Environmental Impacts of Beach Seining as part of a global FAO study.
  • Support to post Tsunami rehabilitation activities, including fish processing and marketing in Somalia.