Subregional Office


 for Eastern Africa (SFE)


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The main activities are:

Forest Policy

  • Backstopping the National Forestry Programme Facility activities in Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda and Sudan;
  • Assisting in developing the National Forestry Programme Facility in Ethiopia;
  • Assisting Burundi and Djibouti in updating their forest policies and possibly develop a Concept for benefitting from the Facility; and 
  • Prepare a review of the situation of Forestry in East Africa and recommendations for action to FAO.

Forest Resources

  • Supporting countries in developing their forest inventories , namely Sudan, Ethiopia and Kenya;
  • Assisting Somalia into assessing its forest and tree resources and prepare proposals for  their sustainable management;
  • Undertaking a study to review the advantages and problems of Eucalypt plantations in East Africa and propose recommendations.

Forest Products and Services

  • Supporting Somalia in developing and expanding the trade of non timber forest products, namely the incense from Boswellia tree species;
  • Working to develop a project in Ethiopia related to the rational use of exotic and indigenous tree species for specific environmental services and production of wood; and
  • Acting as focal point for Climate Change.