Subregional Office


 for Eastern Africa (SFE)



Knowledge Management and Capacity Building

As a Knowledge Management Agency, FAO has made significant efforts in disseminating available information to the countries of the sub-region. Several steps have been taken to develop specific databases for each country under the responsibility of the FAO Representative and the SFE Focal Point, and also at regional level as a multidisciplinary task.

In the area of capacity building several technical and training workshops were conducted and/or planned. Examples are:

  • Sub-Regional multidisciplinary Workshop on key invasive weed in the East Africa region such as Prosopis juliflora.
  • Workshop with Beach Management Units (BMUs) from the coast communities and Lake Victoria in Kenya in the domain of fisheries
  • Promotion of Conservation Agriculture Workshop in Africa (state of art and the Way forward)
  • Strengthening countries, capacities to carry out investment projects formulation work to increase the flow of external and domestic resources into rural development and agriculture

Collaboration, Partnership and Support to Networking

  • Active participation to UN Country Team activities in support to Ethiopia
  • Contribution to the Fifth meeting of the Africa Committee on Sustainable Development (ACSD-5) Regional Implementation Meeting (RIM) for CSD-16 (with close collaboration with UN Economic Commissions for Africa).
  • Strong collaboration with The World Bank,WFP, GTZ, AfDB, and IFAD in the domain of sustainable land management under the TerrAfrica Initiative
  • Networking and initiating collaboration with ongoing and planned Livestock initiatives, programmes projects and institutions such as the Regional Animal Health Centre/Nairobi (RAHC) and the IGAD Livestock Policy Initiative/Addis Ababa.
  • Support to Centre of excellence and various Networks such as Gondo Genet College, the Kenyan Agricultural Research Institute (KARI), the East African Soil Science Society and the African Soil science Society (ASS), etc.
  • Technical assistance to the Africa Land Policy Initiative in collaboration with the AU, ECA, and AfDB
  • Technical assistance provided in pest risk analysis (FAO/CABI), pest surveillance (East African Phytosanitary Committee), pest reporting (REOA, ECHO), and pest identification (Ohio State Univ., IITA)
  • Contribution or collaboration to various meetings related to biofuels, bio pesticides, value chain development, seed aid, irrigation, forests, land management, and climate change
  • Strong collaboration with the AU in the implementation of the Africa Fertilizer Summit and the Food Security Summit Recommendations, support to the Green Wall Initiative of the AU.