Subregional Office


 for Eastern Africa (SFE)



Policy Assistance

The core work programme on policy assistance at sub-regional level is evolving although  a  start has been made in co-operation with the African Union and the UN Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) to assist SFE countries  focus on  a number of strategic commodities in which they could aim at global prominence. There are sub-elements to the studies, which will be accompanied by advocacy work: identification of existing successes in Africa and assessing the determinants of success; identification of promising commodities for which SEF can be a sustainably competitive producers and analysis of what it would take to develop them to prominence (including market prospects); assessment of where in already -existing transport corridors production (full value chain where possible) of potentially competitive products could be encouraged. This work will closely involve regional economic integration organizations; it draws in a multidisciplinary manner upon several SFE staff.

Policy assistance at individual country level is only partly linked to the overall dominant SFE theme; country requests determine the thrust. In general, leading themes of each country’s development plan guide the thrust of SFE support.