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 for Eastern Africa (SFE)



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Project title:

Information Products for Decisions on Water Policy and Water


Project of the Governments of Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda


5,000,000 US $



Start Date:

01 Dec 2004

Completion Date:

31 may 2008


The long-term development objectives of the project are to empower Nile Basin countries to develop water resources of the Nile in a sustainable and equitable way, to ensure efficient water management, cooperation and joint action between the riparian countries, and to target poverty eradication, economic integration seeking win-win situations for the prosperity, security and peace of its entire people. Such development objectives are at the core of the strategic action programme of the Nile Basin Initiative launched in 1999 by the Council of Ministers of Water Affairs of the Nile Basin Countries. Specifically, the project will draw on FAO expertise to develop the capacity and ability to take informed decisions for cooperative action concerning planning, development and use of the waters of the Nile.


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