Subregional Office


 for Eastern Africa (SFE)




Project Symbol:


Project title:

Emergency assistance for early detection and prevention of Avian Influenza in Eastern and Southern Africa


Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, Uganda & SADC countries


400 000 US $

Start Date:

Nov. 2005

Completion Date:

May 2008


The primary objective of the proposed project is to strengthen the capacity for generating and sharing HPAI disease intelligence and using this to mount emergency preparedness planning against the eventuality of HPAI being introduced into the region, specifically in relation to migration of and trade in wild birds.


  • Generating an understanding of migratory bird movement into and within the region and the potential for their contact with domestic poultry.
  • Building public awareness of the issues relating to the risks
  • Strengthening HPAI field surveillance and laboratory support for diagnosis
  • Establishing information and technology network linkages with other regions through GLEWS, OFFLU and PACE in the global system for HPAI surveillance.