Subregional Office


 for Eastern Africa (SFE)




Project Symbol:


Project title:

Support to the aquaculture sub sector in the riparian countries around Lake Victoria


Kenya, Uganda & Tanzania


360 000 US$

Start Date:

01 Jul. 2006

Completion Date:

30 Jun. 2008


The overall objective of the project is to increase aquaculture production in east Africa countries bordering Lake Victoria (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania) by improving the collaboration between the national aquaculture agencies and other stakeholders in order to better serve the needs of fish farmers, fish processors and traders. This collaboration ifs to be facilitated by the Lake Victoria Fisheries Organization and will increase the knowledge and efficiency of participating agencies and individuals thereby improve services for the three countries.


Specifically, the project aims to assist LVFO to collect and catalogue information on the aquaculture systems and methods currently being used on lake and t undertake an analysis of these systems to identify the preconditions for their use and the possibilities for replicating these systems on a larger scale.

Furthermore, the project is intended to increase the capacity of the LVFO to coordinate the activities of the participating national aquaculture agencies, to act as a network hub and to provide advice on best practices. This will be achieved through the completion of the catalogue mentioned above and through the elaboration of a strategy/framework for the development of aquaculture in the sub region.