Subregional Office


 for Eastern Africa (SFE)




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Project title:

Regional and suregional capacity building for the exchange of official phytosanitary information under the New Revised Text of the IPPC


Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Burundi, Uganda & other African countries


242 000 US $

Start Date:

01 Aug. 2005

Completion Date:

31 Jan. 2007


The development objective of this technical assistance is to enable members of IAPSC to meet their national information exchange obligations under the IPPC. This would ensure effective exchange and dissemination of official phytosanitary information.


To provide an assessment of the needs of IAPSC, and to raise awareness of the national obligations particularly of the need for the exchange of official phytosanitary information, and provide the elements for the development of a regional framework to facilitate the exchange of official phytosanitary information regionally and internationally through the official website of the IPPC (International Phytosanitary Portal, IPP). The anticipated workshops will also be used to formulate strategies, work programmes and implementation plans to achieve short, medium, and long term objectives outlined above.