Subregional Office


Fisheries and Aquaculture

Fisheries Management and Conservation

The approach adopted within this entity is the strengthening of the sub-regional fisheries bodies through regular statutory meetings, consultations and organizing the working groups constituted within the Scientific Sub-Committee of the main FAO Regional Fishery body, CECAF.

Fisheries resources management measures are formulated in the meetings and disseminated to member countries.

Fisheries Products and Industry 

 In light of the dwindling fish resources coupled with the steady increase in demand and the developments in market access requirements, improving fish utilization for human consumption contributes significantly to socio-economic development and food security. Therefore targeted this area as a priority and collaborated with FIIU to revitalize interaction between technologists/researchers in Africa through regional workshops. Fish loss assessment techniques are also improved through guidelines and a manual developed with the countries. Technical assistance on improving product quality for inter-regional and international trade continued to be of concern to SFW.