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IAAAS educates international students for the "Third Millennium Agriculture" where preserving the environment in which human and animal lives thrive is given the top priority.

IAAAS recognises that the students of agriculture should closely interact with the small farmers (who constitute 85% of farmers in the developing world) to educate each other and help each other to use natural resources for production systems, find solutions to recycle natural resources, sustain the livelihood of small farmers and protect the environment.

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The centre for "International Academy of Agriculture and Animal Science" (IAAAS) is in the campus of CHINESE ACADEMY OF AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES located in the northern part of Beijing, CHINA. 

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The IAAAS centre is being constructed and will be completed by November 2000 and will be fully functional from December 2000. constr.jpg (19872 bytes)
Temporarily until December 2000 all activities of IAAAS is localised in the "Key Laboratory of Animal Nutrition" in the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. keylab.jpg (20739 bytes)