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The first set of students for year 2000 start their training course on 1st of December 2000.  Most of them have already started their work by getting to know the farmers problems in the field in the nearby counties.

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IAAAS students are also give hands on training on various real life experiences in animal production. The names from let to right are Professor Yang Rende; Dr. Wei Hongyang; Mr. Sun Fen; Dr. Yin Hong; Mr. Feng Lihong; Mr. Yanxianghua; Dr. Lu Wang, Ms. Fu Baohua; Mr. Lu Zhongwang; Ms. Zhou Lingyun; Mr. Zhang Jinxu; Ms.Zhou Mei; Mr. Wang Chunlei; Dr. Wang Jiaqi.
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This set of students will be working with the farmers in the "National Poor"Fungning county in Hebei province.  Students from Year 2001 and 2002 will be working in the counties in Sichuan province also.