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FAO Electronic Conference on
"Mulberry for Animal Production"

1 May to 31 July 2000

 The Conference:

Welcome to Morus1-L, the FAO Electronic Conference on MULBERRY FOR ANIMAL PRODUCTION

Theme: Cultivation and use of mulberry as feed for farm animals

The conference will run from May 1 to July 31 2000. There will be at least 8 invited papers and at least 10 shorter (1-2 pages) poster papers. You are invited to present a paper or a poster paper outlining your experiences or results. Alternatively, you may wish to simply receive papers and make comments on topics of special interest to you.

The conference will be on the World-Wide-Web and the FAO mailserver. Papers will be released at approximately weekly intervals and discussion on each paper will be circulated. The conference will be moderated by Manuel Sanchez from FAO. The proceedings will eventually be published both electronically and conventionally. 

By registering, you will receive all invited papers, poster papers and comments. Some posters papers might be available only on request. You can read them on the Web or get them sent by e-mail with a simple message to mailserv@mailserv.fao.org like: SEND /mulberry/posterx.txt

In fact, papers will be available in both HTML and ASCII text (so that we cater for those a) with access to e-mail and the WWW b) with e-mail but without access to the WWW but with access to a browser like Netscape or Internet Explorer and c) with e-mail but without access to the WWW nor a browser.

How to subscribe

You can register by sending a message mailserv@mailserv.fao.org leaving the subject blank and entering the following in the body of the message:
SUBSCRIBE Morus1-L "Your name, organization, country"

For example:

SUBSCRIBE Morus1-L "John Smith, FAO, Italy"

This special format (with your name, organization and country in quotes) will put these details into the list. But you do not need to put your email address in the message.

How to unsubscribe

You may unsubscribe from the list at any time by sending a message containing the words: 



How to send a contribution or comment

Comments and contributions should be sent to:


All contributions will be subject to editorial control by the conference coordinators before being sent to other participants. We will ensure that messages are not repeated, that errors in mailing lists do not affect you and that the discussion is controlled and directed. 

The Conference on the Web

The URL address of the official Conference WWW page is


We hope you will participate fully and contribute your views, information and perspectives. 


The Feed Resources Group of FAO

  • Manuel Sanchez, Animal Production Officer of AGAP
  • Andrew Speedy, Senior Officer of AGAP

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