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Tergas L.E., Ramírez A., Urrea G.A., Guzmán S. & Castilla C.  Potential Animal Production and Management of  Pastures on Ultisol soil in Colombia

Paterson R.T., Samur C. & Sauma G. Leucaena leucocephala for the complementation of existing pastures

Balogun T.F. The effect of dietary protein level and blood meal supplementation on the performance of growing Large White and Landrace pigs in Nigeria

Saadulla M. Haque M. & Dolberg F. Treated and untreated rice straw for growing cattle

Sambrook P.A. & Rowe J.B. Cottonseed meal as a source of N. for rumen micro-organisms in sheep given a molasses based diet

Martínez N. Galindo de Ramirez S. & Combellas J. Reproductive and productive performance of a Holstein herd in Maracay, Venezuela

Paterson R.T. & Samur C. Complementary legume grazing in dry season milk production

Round P.J. Mellor W. & Hibberd M.J. The effect of age and season of introduction on the liveweight performance of steers in the wet tropics

Vanselow Barbara. Sheep production in a commercial rubber plantation: a Malaysian experience

Combellas Jorge & Martínez M. Intake and milk production in cows fed chopped Elephant grass (Pennisetum purpureum) and concentrate

Meyreles Luz & Preston T.R. Chicken litter for cattle feeding: the effects of different supplements

Lopéz S. Barbella & Martínez G. A preliminary study  of the effect of pre-partum supplementation on reproduction in holstein heifers

Mwenefuma A.L. & Phoya R.K.D. Composition and milk yield of Malawian local goat