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Duarte F., Elliott R. & Preston T.R. Fattening cattle with sugarcane juice: effect of the conservation of juice with ammonia and the use of Leucaena leucocephala as a source of protein and forage

Mould F.L., Saadullah M., Haque M., Davis D., Dolberg F. & Orskov E.R. Investigation of some of the physiological factors influencing intake and digestion of rice straw by native cattle in Bangladesh

Aguirre L. Garroni J. Garroni N.P. de & Lineras T. Insemination time and pregnancy cost in grade Zebu heifers synchronized with PGF2alpha (Lutalyser)

Saadullah M. Haque M. & Dolberg F. Supplementation of alkali treated rice straw

Vaccaro R. & Vaccaro L. Age at first calving, rerproduction and prenatal survivial in Holstein Friesian and Brown Swiss crossbreds in an intensive tropical milk production system

Lasso T. Meléndez F. & Scoffield J. Condition score of Holstein cows and its relation to production and fertility in the humid tropics

Adebambo A.O. & Dettmers A.E. Efficiency of feed and milk utilization by litters of indigenous and exotic pure and crossbred pigs

Falvey J.L. The effect of infrequent administration of urea on rumen ammonia and serum levels of cattle consuming rice straw.

Adeleye A.O.A. A note on the artificial rearing of West African Dwarf (WAD) lambs

Mgheni M., Christensen K. & Kyomo M.L. Selection experiment on growth and litter size in rabbits 1 Effect of litter size on growth

Mena A., Elliott R. & Preston T.R. The substitution of grain sorghum by sugarcane juice in diets for growing pigs

Castellanos Ruelas A. & Zarazua M.V. Quantitative and qualitative study of milk production of the Pelibuei sheep

Teeluck J.P. Hulman B. & Preston T.R. Leucaena forage and elephant grass as roughage and protein sources in a molasses/urea based diet for fattening Zebu cattle