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Tergas L.E., Paladines O. & Kleinhesterkam I. Animal productivity and pasture management of Brachiaria decumbens stapf in the Colombian Llanos

Molina R., Deaton O. & Mu±oz M. Production potential of the Romosinuano and its use in crossbreeding for beef

Pound B. Doné F. & Peralta C. Effect of cutting frequency on seed and forage yield of Canavalia ensiformis (L) D.C. (Jack bean)

Breinholt K.A. Annual milk yields and reproductive performance on small-scale dairy ranches in tropical Bolivia

Wahyuni S., Yulianti E.S., Komara W. Yates N.G. Obst J.M & Lowry J.B. The performance of Ongole cattle offered either grass, sundried Leucaena leucocephala or varying proportions of each

Shafie M.M., Mourad H. Barkawi A., Aboul-Ela M.A. & Mekawy Y. Serum progesterone and oestradiol concentration in the cyclic buffalo

Smith O.B. & Adegbola A.A. Studies on the feeding value of agro-industrial by-products and the feeding value of cocoa pods for cattle.

Peters K.J. Horst P. & Kleinheisterkamp. H.H. The importance of coat colour and coat type as indicators of productive adaptability of beef cattle in a subtropical environment

Adeleye I.O.A. & Kitts W.D. Poultry wastes as feed for ruminants I. Effects of heat treatments on the nitrogen content and microflora of caged layer droppings

El-Keraby F. & Aboul-Ela M.B. A study of some non-genetic factors affecting postpartum reproductive performance in Friesian cows

Kuan K.K., Mak T.K., Alimon R. & Farrell D.J.  Chemical composition and digestible energy of some feedstuffs determined with pigs in Malaysia

Candelo Nelly, Leon Haydee, Montilla J. & Preston T.R.  A note on the use of cattle faeces and biogas digester effluent in broiler rations