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Tergas L.E., Paladines O., Kleinheisterkamp & Velásquez J. Animal productivity from Brachiaria decumbens alone and with complementary grazing of Pueraria phaseoloides in the eastern plains of Colombia

Jerez M., McDowell L.R., Martin F.G., Hargus W.A. & Conrad J.H. Mineral status of beef cattle in eastern Dominican Republic

Wadsworth J. Physical and economic performance of Brahman steers on three dry season feeding regimes under commercial conditions in Costa Rica

Dixon R.M. Effect of various levels of molasses supplementation on intake of mature Pennisetum purpureum forage by growing cattle

Ostrowski-Meissner H.T., Siswohardjono Ir Winarso, Suherman Dadang & Barchia Idris. The effect of contamination of peanut meal with Aspergillus flavus on protein quality as measured chemical and in bioassays on chickens and ducklings

Escobar A., Parra R. & de Parra O. Effect of alkali treatment on digestibility, fermentation rate and intake of maize cobs

Dixon R.M. & Escobar A. Alkali treatment of mature Pennisetum purpureum forage I. Effect of NaOH, Ca(OH)2, NH 4OH and urea treatments on nylon bag digestibility.

Escobar A. y Parra R. Maize cobs treated with NaOH in rations for growing cattle

Dixon R.M. & Parra R. Effects of alkali treatment of forage and concentrate supplementation on rumen digestion and fermentation

Fauconneau B. & Gauthier D. Influence of 4 hours supplemental lighting on growth and occurrence of puberty in creole heifers bred in a tropical country