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Vaccaro Lucía. The comparative performance of Holstein Friesian and Brown Swiss breeds in crosses with tropical cattle: a review of the literature

Arias J.F. Cardozo R., Casal J.R. Mejía E.A., Rodríguez F. & Venegas M. Mineral deficiencies as a factor limiting cattle production in the plains of Venezuela. 2. Response to mineral supplementation

Vargas R., McDowell L.R., Conrad J.H., Martín F.G., Buergelt Claus & Ellis G.L. The mineral status of cattle in Colombia as related to a wasting disease ("secadera")

Rivero R., Pérez G., Sosa N. & Combellas J. Supplementation of sorghum silage for growing heifers and milking cows.

Awah A.A., Mba A.U. & Adeleye I.O.A. Effects of milk feeding on the live-weight performance of West African Dwarf Fouta Djallon kids

Khajarern Sarote & Khajarern Jowaman. The economics and public acceptance of cassava based rations in Thailand

Wildeus S. & Entwwistle K.W. Seasonal differences in reproductive characteristics of Bos indicus and Bos taurus bulls in tropical Northern Australia

Belmar R. & Riley Judith A. Acid-base balance in young bulls fed ensiled sisal bagasse (Agave fourcroydes)

Maglad M.A., Lutfi A.A.A., Wasfi I.A. & Adam S.E.I. Plasma and ruminal constitutents and performance of sheep fed various nitrogen supplements