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Preston T R Nutritive value of sugar cane for ruminants

Lopez J and Preston T R Rice polishings as a supplement in sugar cane diets for fattening cattle:effect of different combinations with blood meal

Mapoon L K, Delaitre C, and Preston T R The value for milk production of supplements of mixtures of final molasses bagasse pith and urea, with and without combinations of maize and groundnut cake

Silvestre R, MacLeod N A, and Preston Effect of meat meal dried cassava root and groundnut oil in diets based on sugar, cane/urea or molasses/urea

Salais F J, Sutherland T M and Wilson A Effect on animal performance of different sources of forage in diets based on molasses and urea

Minor S, MacLeod N A, Preston T R and Leng R A Studies on digestion in different sections of the intestintal tract of bulls fed sugar cane/urea with different supplements

Hall G A B, Savain J, Figueiró P R P, Lacerda Ony and Muller L Zeranol implantation for suckling ram lambs weight gain and development of the reproductive tract

Priego A, Lopez J M, Wilson A and Sutherland T M Rumen adaptation to diets based on sugar cane

Boodoo AN, Delaitre J C and Preston T R Ensiling sugar cane tops with different additives

Priego A and Sutherland T M The effect of propionic acid on pattern of ruminal fermentation

Fernandez Angela, MacLeod N A and Preston T R Cassava forage as a combined source of protein and roughage for cattle fed on molasses/urea

Meyreles Luz, MacLeod N A and Preston T R Cassava forage as a protein in sugar cane diets for cattle: effects of different levels without urea on growth and rumen fermentation

Montpellier F A, Valdez R E and Preston T R Processing of sugar cane: effect of derinding and coarseness of chopping on animal performance and rumen fermentation

Ferreiro M H, Sutherland T M and Preston T R Brix and dry matter content as indices of urea requirements in diets based on sugar cane

Alvarez, F J, Wilson A and Preston T R Sugar cane, molasses and restricted grass/legume grazing or unsupplemented grazing for milk and weaned calf production in a dual purpose herd during the wet season

Papers presented at the joint meeting of the Centro de Investigación y Experimentación Ganadera, Chetumal Q Roo and the Centro Superior de Agricultura Tropical, Cardenas, Tabasco, Mexico

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