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Sutton J D Rumen function and the utilisation of readily fermentable carbohydrates by dairy cows

Bergen W G Factors affecting growth yields of micro-organisms in the rumen

Boodoo A, Delaitre C & Preston T R The effect of retention time on biogas production from slurry produced by cattle fed sugar cane

Gomez J & Viniegra G The use of anaerobically digested cattle slurry as a fertilizer for vegetables

Bobadilla Milagros & Rowe J B Banana tops and sugar cane as cattle feed: observations on the rates of fibre degradation and fluid turnover in the rumen

Ffoulkes D & Preston T R Effect on voluntary intake and digestibility of supplementing chopped sugar cane stalk with cane tops, banana leaves or cassava forage

Rowe J B, Munoz R & Preston The banana plant as a source of roughage for cattle fed molasses and urea

Losada H & Alderete R Effect of cassava root meal and urea level on the performance of steers grazed on poor quality pasture with free access to molasses

Losada H, Aranda E, Alderete R & Ruiz J The voluntary intake of chopped sugar cane treated with sodium hydroxide

Flores-Ramos J F Leucaena leucocephala for milk production: effect of supplementation with leucaena on cows grazing grass pastures

Alvarez F J, Wilson A & Preston T R Effect of spontaneous fermentation of sugar cane treated on performance of Zebu cows

Ahmed F A & Pollott G E The performance of yearling Kenana (Sudan Zebu) calves given three levels of crude protein as a concentrate supplement to ad libitum groundnut hay

Ferreiro H M, Preston T R & Herrera F Sisal by-products as cattle feed: effect of supplementing ensiled pulp with rice polishings and ramon (Brosimum alicastrum) on growth rate, digestibility and glucose entry rate by cattle

Rowe J B, Bobadilla Milagros, Fernandez Angela, Encarnacion J C & Preston T R Molasses toxicity in cattle: rumen fermentation and blood glucose entry rates associated with this condition

Abstracts: Fourth Annual Meeting of the Dominican Centre for Livestock Research with Sugar Cane (CEDIPCA)