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Ørskov E R, Hovell F D DeB & Mould F The use of the nylon bag technique for  the  evaluation of  feeds feedstuffs

Nagy A & Leng R A Dynamics of glucose and carbon dioxide metabolism in cattle given molasses based diets

Pound B, Santana Amarely, Ruiz Guadalupe Effect of companion crops on the establishment and subsequent yield of Leucaena leucocephala

Saucedo G, Alvarez F J, Arriaga A & Jimenez N Leucaena leucocephala as a source of protein for calves reared in a restricted suckling system

Meyreles Luz & Preston T R Performance of cattle given molasses and poultry litter mixed or as  a  separate feed

Umunna N N, Yusuf A A & Aganga A A Evaluation of brewers' dried grains and palm kernel meal as  major sources of nitrogen for growing cattle

Gaili E S E & Ahmed M A Feedlot performance, carcass and offal  yield of Kenana x Friesian bulls  finished on rations containing different levels of molasses

Ruiz Guadalupe & Rowe J B Intake and digestion of different parts of the banana plant

Fenton F R & Martinez N D The optimum time for artificial insemination of cows in two climatic zones of Venezuela

Combellas Josefina de, Martinez N & Gonzalez E A study of factors which influence birth and weaning weight in lambs

Combellas Josefina de Production and reproduction parameters of tropical sheep breeds in  improved production systems

Saadullah M, Haque M & Dolberg F Treating rice straw with animal urine

Abstracts: Third Annual Meeting of  the  Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Science, University of Yucatan, Mexico