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Wilkins J V, Martinez L & Rojas F Advances in livestock investigation and  developments in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Catherine Butcher, Bryant M J, Machin D H, Owen E & Owen J E The effect of metabolizable energy concentration on performance and digestibility in growing rabbits

Lopez S, Martinez A, Gabaldon L, Falcon C & Mazzarri G Synchronisation of  oestrus with Norgestomet Prostaglandin F2 alpha  in beef cattle

Raja R H, Moss R, Murray R M & Leng R A Growth and glucose metabolism in  young calves grazing tropical pasture  - the effects of supplementation on with maize or cottonseed cake

Saadullah M, Haque M & Dolberg F Treatment of rice straw with lime

Paterson R T, Samur C & Bress 0 The effect of complementary grazing of a  forage legume reserve on dry season milk production

Gill Margaret, Berry S, Vasquez O & Preston T R Molasses and sugar cane  juice as energy supplements for milk production

Adebowale E A & Ademosun A A Carcass characteristics and chemical composition of the organs and muscles of sheep and goats fed brewers' dried grain based rations

Teeluck J P, Hulman B & Preston T R Effect of milking frequency in combination with restricted suckling on milk yield and calf performance

Pound B, Bordas F& Preston T R Characterisation of production and function of a 15m3 Red-Mud PVC biogas digester

Gill Margaret. & Munoz R The ensiling of mixtures of cane and forage

Godoy R & Elliott R Effect of tropical forages on rumen function and flow of nutrients to the proximal duodenum in cattle fed a molasses/urea

Berry S & D'Mello J P F A comparison of Leucaena leucocephala and grass  meals as sources of yolk pigments in diets for laying hens

Hughes-Jones M & Peralta G Observations on the degradabilities of feed  stuffs in situ in cattle on diets with or without molasses

Herrera F, Ferreiro M, Elliott R & Preston T R The effect of molasses supplements on voluntary feed intake, liveweight gain and rumen function in bulls fed basal diets of ensiled sisal pulp

Akinsoyinu A O, Tewe O O, Ngere L O & Mba A U Milk composition and yield of the red Sokoto (Maradi) goats in Nigeria

Gaya H, Teeluck J P, Nicolin R & Preston T R Leucaena leucocephala as a  combined source of protein and roughage for cattle fattened  on molasses/urea: a comparison of different supplements

Naidoo G, Hulman B & Preston T R Effect of artificial insemination or natural mating on calving interval in dual purpose herd

Gaya H, Hulman B & Preston T R Leuceana as a source of protein and rough age for milking cows given high levels of molasses/urea

Abstracts : 6th Annual meeting of the Dominican Centre for Livestock  Research with sugar cane, Santo Domingo