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Transported poultry undergoing a routine inspection by animal health authorities in Thailand: an example of good biosecurity practices. ©FAO/Bay Ismoyo

Increased concern over latest strain of avian influenza in Southeast Asia

FAO urges continued vigilance to safeguard poultry and livelihoods

A recently-emerged strain of avian influenza virus in poultry in Southeast Asia known as A(H5N6) represents a new threat to animal health and livelihoods and must be closely monitored, FAO said today. Chinese authorities first reported the influenza A(H5N6) virus in poultry in April 2014. Since then, the Lao People’s Democratic Republic and Viet Nam have also detected the H5N6 virus in poultry. [...]


Improving food security in sub-Saharan Africa by supporting the progressive reduction of tsetse-transmitted trypanosomosis

cowsIn Ethiopia, FAO is piloting innovative integrated packages to improve animal health and to boost animal production in tsetse infested areas. [...]