About Authors

Alain PEETERS holds degrees/diplomas from University of Louvain (Universite catholique de Louvain). He is the Head of the Grassland Ecology Department of this University, Member of the Continuing Committee for the organisation of the International Grassland Congress (1997 2005), Liaison Officer of the FAO network on mountain pastures, President of the Committee for the evaluation of forage grass and legume varieties in Belgium, Vice-President of the Superior Council of Nature Conservation (Wallonie-B), Member of the Council of the Environment for a Sustainable Development (Wallonie-B), Member of the Editorial Board of the French Journal  Fourrages  and the FAO Journal  Herba . He was Coordinator of several EC research projects. His work focuses on grassland ecology, forage production of secondary grasses, biodiversity in grassland, grass growth modeling, nitrogen cycle in grassland, development of sustainable farming systems in pilot farms. He is a national and international Consultant on biodiversity, rangeland and grassland management (Belgian Cooperation Agency, World Bank, European Commission, FAO, CBD, ).