About Authors

Jim Suttie was trained at the Universities of Aberdeen and Cambridge and the Imperial College of Tropical Agriculture, Trinidad. He worked for HMOCS in Kenya on crops and pastures for eleven years then joined FAO in 1970 working in the field (India, Madagascar, Pakistan, Côte d'Ivoire, Egypt, Tunisia and Niger) for sixteen years on tasks which varied from irrigated fodder through pasture development to watershed management. Jim joined the Grassland Group in Headquarters in 1986; which he headed from Fernando Riveros’ promotion to Service Chief in 1994 until retirement in 1996. Jim has travelled extensively in northern Asia and the Himalaya-Hindu Kush region and has a long experience of smallholder semi-arid farming, both rainfed and irrigated and traditional pastoral systems.

Jim is still active and since retirement has undertaken many field missions, mainly to Afghanistan, China, Mongolia and Nepal. He has contributed to and edited or translated many publications in addition to the Country Profile and Grassland Index series. He wrote Hay and straw conservation for small-scale and pastoral conditions; in collaboration with Steve Reynolds he edited Transhumant grazing systems in Temperate Asia and FODDER OATS: a world overview; with Steve Reynolds and Caterina Batello he edited Grasslands of the World. All are in the FAO Plant Production and Protection Series.