Flooding Pampas
A grassland dominated by Paspalum dilatatum. Summer view.
Interseeded Lotus in the flooding Pampas grassland.
A flooded grassland in winter
Community contrast in the Flooding Pampas
Cropland Pampas
Weaners on an oat forage crop in the Pampas
A lucerne crop in the Cropland Pampas
Aerial view of the Pampas
A hill grassland in the southern Pampas
The Espinal
Andropogon lateralis
grassland, spring view
Cool season grasses understorey, end of winter
Sheep flock in the espinal
A Hereford herd with calf
The Chaco
Park grasslands in N.E. Chaco, summer view
Savanna type in S.E. Chaco, winter view
Semi arid grasslands
A Hereford herd on a San Luis grassland
A semi arid grassland in La Pampa
A shrub steppe of the occidental district
A Merino flock
A riparian meadow ("mallín") grazed by sheep in Patagonia
A meadow in Patagonia, a snowy winter view
Soil erosion in Patagonia
A winter view of a mallin
Monte shrubland
A shrub steppe in the Monte
A fodder shrub, Atriplex lampa
A cardonal in the Puna
Pictures by the authors