About the CD-ROM

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and its members highlight information as one of the priority areas in fighting hunger and achieving food security. The FAO Country Profiles and Mapping Information System is a Web-based information retrieval tool which groups and catalogues information by country and links to various specialized profiles such as the Country Pasture/Forage Resource Profiles developed by the Grassland and Pasture Crops Group of the Crop and Grassland Service (AGPC). These make available basic information about the pasture and forage resources of countries. All pasture profiles follow a Proforma [FR][SP], developed in collaboration with the University of Queensland, Australia. As additional country pasture profiles are completed revised versions of this CD-ROM will be issued from time to time.

This CD-ROM provides details of the pasture and forage resources of various countries in the context of relevant general, topographical, climatic and agro-ecological information with particular focus on livestock production systems.

Profiles (80) are by region: Africa (20); Asia (14); Europe (14); Latin America and the Caribbean (11); Near East (6) and the Southwest Pacific (15). All 80 profiles are in English, 23 are also available in French and 12 in Spanish.

The CD-ROM contains text as well as many figures, tables and photos.

For futher information see FAO Bookinfo

If you are interested in contributing to the Web site and particularly in providing Country Pasture Profiles please contact Eric A. Kueneman, Chief, FAO Crop and Grassland Service, Fax +39-06-57056347, E-mail <Eric.Kueneman@fao.org>

Prepared by Steve Reynolds, Jim Suttie and Petra Staberg


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