Field projects


Establishment of a Regional Reference Centre for Milk Processing and Marketing

The project was approved and signed on behalf of the French Government in May 1997 and will close in 2001. Although mainly backstopped by AGA there has been a major input on pastures and aspects of dairy cattle feeding and nutrition.

A successful Regional Workshop on Milk Production and Processing was held in Fiji, Tonga and Samoa from 20 - 27 April 1998. 

A very useful and practical manual (expanded from an earlier, less comprehensive version under TCP/SAM/6611) entitled "A Manual of Smallholder Milk Production in the South Pacific" was prepared for this Regional Workshop and the project also assisted with publication costs of the SAPA Publication on "Grazing Livestock in the Southwest Pacific. The benefits of improved production".

A CD-ROM is now available from FAO for the Pacific Island Countries as a follow up to the April 1998 Regional Workshop on Milk Production and Processing. With the title "Dairying in the Southwest Pacific" (details available on the New publications page) the CD-ROM contains information on various aspects of forages and feeds, milk production and processing, including searchable feed, grass and legume databases, as well as manuals and publications.