Brachiaria arrecta (Th. Dur. & Schinz) Stent


Synonyms: Brachiaria radicans Napper

Common names: Brachiaria arrecta


Sprawling perennial, prostrate and rooting at lower nodes, 50-135 cm high. Leaf-blades 3-25 cm long and 5-15 mm wide. Inflorescence of 3-10 (-17) racemes on an axis 5-20 (-27.5) cm long; racemes 1-10.5 cm in length with a winged rhachis (0.5-1.5 mm wide) also bearing glabrous elliptic spikelets 3-4.5 mm long in two regular rows.


Swamps and wet habitats.

Altitude range

600-1800 m.


Kenya; also from Uganda, United Republic of Tanzania, tropical and South Africa.


Cultivated as a forage crop under the name “Tanner grass”.

Brachiaria arrecta

Edited by: F. Guiso Gallisai
Information taken from: Ibrahim, K. M., Kabuye, C. H. S. 1988. An illustrated manual of Kenya grasses. Rome, FAO. 765 pp.