Title: Dairying in the Southwest Pacific (cd-rom)
Year: 2000
Language: En

For additional information contact Caterina Batello (AGPC)
e-mail: caterina.batello@fao.org

Prepared by the Grassland Group of AGPC and the Livestock Production and Feed Resources Groups of AGAP the CD-ROM is a follow up to the April 1998 Regional Workshop on Milk Production and Processing held in Fiji, Samoa and Tonga. Although prepared for countries in the Pacific it contains information that will be of interest to extension workers in dairying and pasture production and management in various parts of the tropics and sub-tropics. The contents include training manuals, searchable databases, bibliographies, full-text documents and publications, country profiles and photographs relating to feeds, forages, milk production and processing, animal health and diseases as well as details of various suppliers and useful websites. The CD-ROM is designed to provide a comprehensive source of information for extension workers and has been produced with funding from project GCP/SAM/007/FRA.
[A few copies remain]