This book looks at significant current grassland problems and issues, and provides an insight into grassland productivity in diverse areas of the world, with their various production systems.
There is a focus on recent technical advances and the prospects for further innovation, through twenty chapters by eminent grassland scientists, grouped into seven sections - forage germplasm; forage conservation; grass-based systems and organic production; climate change, biodiversity and biotechnology; geographical information systems; farmer and pastoralist participation; and regional development. The book is timely in view of the expanding human and livestock populations, especially in arid and semi-arid environments, with the consequent pressure on the world's grasslands.

Researchers, lecturers and students in grassland science and its associated disciplines will find the texts and references a valuable resource in their work. Land use advisers and policy-makers should find stimulus for new ideas in the debate on the future role of grasslands in feeding the Earth's population.
(Co-published with Science Publishers, U.S.A.)

Grasslands: Developments Opportunities Perspectives
Edited by
S.G. Reynolds and J. Frame
FAO and Science Publishers, Inc.
FAO 92-5-105042-2
SPI 1-57808-359-1
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