Title: Las Leguminosas en Uruguay y regiones vecinas. Part 2. Caesalpinioideae Part 3. Mimosoideae
Author: Primavera Izaguirre, Rosario Beyhaut
Year: 2003
ISBN: 9974-645-31-X
Language: Sp.
Number of pages: 302

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In this second volume of Leguminosas of Uruguay and neighbouring regions, 28 taxonomic entities belonging to the subfamily Caesalpinioideae, 20 of which are native and eight cultivated, grouped in three tribes; and the subfamily Mimosoideae with 94 entities 67 of which are native and 27 cultivated assembled in three tribes. In the introoduction, data on their presence, agricultural importance, forage and forest use and comments on species preservation and use are given. 64 illustrations of the species and eight pages of color photographs of plants, flowers and habitats are also included in the text. A glossary of the botanical terms and indexes of scientific and common names follows the main text.