This is a stretch of coastline with smallholder farming systems which is about 40 km wide between the Indian ocean and the savannah. Most of the land has poor sandy soil with low water-holding capacity and the major cash crops are coconut, cashew nut, mangoes, sugarcane, bananas and sisal; main food crops include maize, cassava, beans, green-grams and horticultural crops. Smallholder dairying is a major enterprise but one of the major constraints to increased dairy production is the acute shortage of livestock feed, particularly in the dry season. Grazing among the coconuts is inadequate particularly because of low forage yield resulting from poor sandy soils. Napier grass is the most important fodder crop in smallholder farms. Zero grazing dairy management practices result in production of dung and slurry that can be used to improve the quality of the soils and thus improves the quality and quantity of the Napier grass produced.