TCP/NEP/2901 - Capacity building for fodder oat technologies in Nepal and, Sixth Meeting of the Temperate Asia Pasture and Fodder Network

Proceedings of the Workshop on Fodder Oats, Fodder Technology Packages and Small Farm Income Generation
Kathmandu, Nepal 8-11 March, 2005
Edited by
D. Pariyar
J. Suttie
S. G. Reynolds

Table of Contents


Chapter I. Fodder Oats: a world overview. –S.G. Reynolds

Chapter II. Evaluation of oat germplasm in Nepal. –Dinesh Pariyar

Chatper III. Evaluation of fodder oats germplasm in Bhutan. – Tsering Gyeltshen, Gem Thinley, Yonte & Harilal Nerola

Chapter IV. Fodder oat germplasm: a world scenario. -Keith W. Armstrong

Chapter V. Forage oat breeding in India-achievements & prospects. –R.N. Choubey & A.K. Roy

Chapter VI. Fodder development in leasehold forest areas. –N.P. Chaudhary

Chapter VII. Third Livestock Development Project Experiences on forage development. –Laxman Sherchand

Chapter VIII. Research activities on fodder oat (Avena Sativa) cultivation for household income generation in the Eastern Terai region of Nepal. – P. Mandal & Keshav P. Premy

Chapter IX. Typology of mixed crop-livestock systems in Nepal. – P. Parathasaelhirthy Rao, Hari R. Shrestha, Dhamendrakar & Roshan Bashnet

Chapter X. Oat hay production in Nepalese farming systems. –Kishor Kumar Shrestha

Chapter XI. Analysis of ruminant feeding systems (cattle & buffaloes): the case of Kavre district. –Uttam Bhattarai

Chapter XII. Livestock feeding systems & the place of fodder oats in Nepalese systems. –C.R. Upreti

Chapter XIII. Feeds & feeding situation of livestock in the Terai region of Nepal. –J.L.Yadav & N.R. Devkota

Chapter XIV. Fodder/forages & fodder-tree research initiatives at IAAS Rampur, Nepal. –N.R. Devkota

Chapter XV. Importance of fodder to reduce the cost of milk production in farmers' perspective. –S.P. Neopane

Chapter XVI. Technology package for oat cultivation in Nepal. –Laxmi P. Sharma & Subarna M. Pradhan

Chapater XVII. Improtance of different feed resources in livestock improvement in Nepal. –Nanda Prasad Shrestha

Chapter XVIII. Importance of feed resources for livestock production improvement in India. –P.S. Pathak

Chapter XIX. Nutritional status of different feed resources of Nepal. – S.B. Pandey and C.R. Upreti

Chapter XX. Dairy processing & farming in Nepal. –Subarna M. Pradhan

Chapter XXI. Testing of oat cultivars for seed production in the high hills. –Kishor Kumar Shrestha

Chapter XXII. Prospect of forage & pasture development in Nepal. –Mr. S. Shah

Chapter XXIII. Integrated farming systems approach for natural resource management in Nepal:experiences of Nepal Australia Community Resource Management & Livelihood Project. –Satrughan Lal Pradhan

Chapter XXIV. Promising agricultural technologies & their sensitization. –Bhola Man Singh Basnet

Chapter XXV. Oat Cultivation & small-bag silage for household income generation. –Dinesh Pariyar

Chapter XXVI. Oat production for winter forage in Sunsari & Morang districts of the eastern Terai. –Keshav P. Premy & P. Mandal

Chapter XXVII. Fodder & Pasture seed production for household income generation. –Prakash C. Tara

Chapter XXVIII. Fodder & pasture seed production for household income generation-case of the Third Livestock Development Project. –Arun Shankar Ranjit and Prakash C. Tara

Chapter XXIX. Pro-poor community forage production programme in the Nepal Australia Community Resource Management & Livelihoods Project, Nepal. –Rameshwar Singh Pande

Annex I. Workshop Programme

Annex II. List of Participants

Annex III. Workshop Resolutions

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