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Grassland Species Profiles [database] [also available on cd-rom]
· · · · Country Pasture Profiles [database] [also available on cd-rom]
2007 Future prospects for meat and milk from grass-based systems [I.A. Wright]
2007 Organic grassland: principles, practices and potential [David Younie and Ton Baars]
2007 Rising atmospheric CO2 and global climate change: responses and management implications for grazing lands [Jack A. Morgan]
2007 Biodiversity in grasslands: current changes and scenarios for the future [Martín R. Aguiar]
2007 GIS- based forage species adaptation mapping [D.B. Hannaway et al.]
2006 Fodder production and double cropping in Tibet: Training Manual [ed. Ian R. Lane]

Silage production and utilization [Ashbell Gilad and Weinberg Zwi G.]

2006 Grassland and forage to improve livelihoods and reduce poverty [S.G. Reynolds, C. Batello, S. Baas and S. Mack]
2006 Crop-Livestock Integration Options [João Kluthcouski and Lidia Pacheco Yokoyama]
2006 Crop-Livestock Integration Benefits [Lourival Vilrla et al.]
2006 Can the no-tillage system affect the use of irrigation in tropical and subtropical cropping areas? (H. Bergamaschi and G. A. Dalmago)
2006 Optimization of agricultural production while protecting natural ecosystems: the case of Southern Brazil
[ICARRD Special Thematic Session]
2006 Degradación de los sistemas pastoriles de la Patagonia
Presentations from the meeting on the degradation of Patagonia's pastoral land held on the 6th of April, 2006, organized by INIA and FAO [in Spanish].
2006 Intensive forage production for smallholder dairying in East Africa (A. B. Orodho)
2006 Tumbukiza technology: an alternative method of Napier grass production (A. B. Orodho)
2006 The role and importance of Napier grass in the smallholder dairy industry in Kenya (A.B. Orodho)
2005 Sekhukhuneland grasslands: a treasure house of biodiversity (Janine Victor, Stefan Siebert, David Hoare and Braam Van Wyk)
2005 Grasslands of the World (eds. J.M. Suttie, S.G. Reynolds and C. Batello)
2005 Proceedings of the Workshop on Fodder Oats, Fodder Technology Packages and Small Farm Income Generation, Kathmandu, Nepal 8-11 March, 2005
2005 Feeds and Forages in Pacific Island Farming Systems (Eroarome Martin Aregheore)
2004 SITE-SPECIFIC GRASSES and HERBS Seed production and use for restoration of mountain environments (Krautzer et al.)
2004 EUR report 21289EN on European Pastures System Knowledge Base
(Monograph on European Pastures)
2004 Popularization of a Novel Technology for Silage Making in Western Burkina Faso (Brahim Kebe)
2004 Fodder Oats: a world overview (eds. J.M. Suttie and S.G. Reynolds)
2004 Tous ensemble pour l'avenir du Sahel
2004 Conservation du foin et de la paille pour les petits paysans et les pasteurs (J.M. Suttie) (English 2000) (Spanish 2003)
2003 Production of Alfalfa Seed in Xinjiang (D. Cash - Project TCP/CPR/0065)
2003 Variability in white clover from the Indian Himalaya (Sindhu Sareen)
2003 El nopal (Opuntia spp.) como forraje
FAO Plant Production and Protection Papers No. 169
[English version 2001]
2003 Conservación de heno y paja para pequeños productores y en condiciones pastoriles (J.M. Suttie) (English 2000) (French 2004)
2003 Alpine Rangeland Ecosystems and their Management in the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau by Long Ruijun [see Chapter 13 from The Yak] (2nd edition) by Wiener, G; Jianlin, H.; Ruijun, L.RAP Publication - 2003/06
2003 Forages and Feed Resources in Commercial Livestock Production Systems, Proceedings of the 8th Meeting of the Regional Working Group on Grazing and Feed Resources for Southeast Asia, held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 22-28 September, 2003
2003 Transhumant Grazing Systems in Temperate Asia (eds. J.M. Suttie and S.G. Reynolds)
2003 Grazing Systems and Livestock Production in Northern Iraq (Alec Holm et al.)
2003 Rangeland Resources: South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and Zimbabwe (Tony Palmer)
2003 The distribution, characteristics, use and ecological functions of Caragana in China (Niu Xiwu & Gao Hongwen)
2003 From Indifference to Awareness: Encountering Biodiversity in the Semi-Arid Rangelands of the Syrian Arab Republic [also cd-rom]
2003 Know to move, move to know: Ecological knowledge and herd movement strategies among the Wodaabe of Southeastern Niger (N. Schareika)
2003 Biodiversity and the Ecosystem Approach in Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries(Proceedings October 2002 Meeting)
2003 Biodiversity and performance of grassland ecosystems in communal and commercial farming systems in South Africa (David Hoare)
2002 Cold-resistant lucerne (Medicago sativa) for northern Xinjiang, China
(Min Jichun et al.)
2002 Fodder production for peri-urban dairies in Pakistan (Muhammad Dost)
2002 Ensilaging of tropical forages with particular reference to
South East Asian systems
2002 Silage production from tropical forages in Australia (A.G. Kaiser and J.W. Piltz)
2002 Ensiling of tropical forages with Particular Reference to African Livestock Systems. Forage production and conservation for dry season feeding of smallholder dairy cattle in the semi-arid region of Southern Africa (Titterton M. et al.)
2002 Forages for the Tropical Zones of Latin America (Estaban A. Pizarro)
2002 The Gran Chaco (Fernando Riveros)
2002 Fodder oats-an overview (E.J. Stevens et al.)
2002 Experiences with oats (Avena sativa) at temperate and high elevations of Bhutan (Tshering Gyaltsen)
2002 The introduction and use of oat cultivars in Pakistan (Muhammad Dost)
2002 Fodder oats in Nepal (Dinesh Pariyar)
2002 Fodder oats in the Indian Himalaya (Bimal Misri)
2002 Conservation and Utilization of Oat Genetic Resources for Food and Fodder Production in Tibet Autonomous Region, China (Yang Qingshou)
2002 Sustainable mountain development - Agro-pastoral systems and fodder crops in the Himalayan region. Proceedings of the fifth meeting of the Temperate Asia Pasture and Fodder Working Group, held in Wangdue, Bhutan, 30th April-4th May, 2002
2002 Cactus (Opuntia spp.) as Forage [Spanish version 2003]
2002 Discovering the natural resources of the Hindu Kush Himalayan region
2002 Pastoral Lifestyle and use of the Savannah
2002 Discovering the Talila Reserve
2001 Sustainable Development of Grassland Ecosystems: Two case studies from China (S.G. Reynolds)
2001 Variability in the alfalfa of Ladakh (Bimal Misri)
2001 Advances in forage legumes: shrub legumes (Max Shelton)
2001 Uso del ensilaje en el trópico privilegiando opciones para pequeños campesinos (English 2000)
2001 Fodder Success Story - Improved fodder crop production in the Northern Areas of Pakistan (Muhammad Dost)
2001 Forage development in Southeast Asia: strategies and impacts, Proceedings of the seventh meeting of the Regional Working Group on Grazing and Feed Resources for Southeast Asia, held in Manado, North Sulawesi, Indonesia 2-7 July 2001
2000 Hay and Straw Conservation for Small-scale farming and pastoral conditions FAO Plant Production and Protection Series No. 29. (J.M. Suttie) (French version 2004) (Spanish version 2003)
2000 Silage making in the tropics with particular emphasis on smallholders [Spanish version 2001]
2000 Forage intake by grazing cattle under oil palm plantation in Malaysia.(Yahya et al.)
2000 Working with farmers: the key to adoption of forage technologies - [ACIAR Online]
2000 Appropriate technology for sustainable development of pasture and rangeland production systems in the Himalayan region" Proceedings of the fourth meeting of the Temperate Asia Pasture and Fodder Working Group held in Peshawar, Pakistan, 7-11 June 2000
2000 CD-Rom - some of the forage information on the FAO Grassland Group homepages is now available on a CD-Rom entitled "Dairying in the Southwest Pacific"
2000 Tropical forage tree legumes in agroforestry systems (Max Shelton)
2000 Grassland resource assessment for pastoral systems (FAO Plant Production and Protection Paper, No.162,) - for linked software access RAPS (Resource Assessment for Pastoral Farming Systems) website
2000 Rangeland Management and Conservation. Lessons learned from a planner's point of view (S. Baas, S. Reynolds. and C. Batello)
2000 Las Especies del género Prosopis (Algarrobos) de América Latina con especial énfasis en aquellas de interés econonómico, (in Spanish only) FAO, SECYT UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL DE CORDOBA, Argentina.
1999 Strategies for Dry Season Feeding of Animals in Central and Southern Africa Proceedings of a joint ZSAP/FAO Workshop held in Harare, Zimbabwe, 25th – 27th October 1999. (ed. D. H. Holness)
1999 Perspectives on Rangeland Development (S. Reynolds. C. Batello and S. Baas)
1999 Tropical Forage Tree Legumes: Key Development Issues (Max Shelton)
1999 Modern Coconut Management (by J.G. Ohler) (See Chapter 14 Pasture and Livestock under coconuts by S.G. Reynolds)
1998 Promotion of forage legume seed production and processing on smallholder farms in Western Kenya (F. N. Muyekho and J. A. Odongo)
1998 Forage Tree Legumes in Tropical Agriculture (Ross C. Gutteridge and Max Shelton)
1998 Feed resources and the integration of animal production in coconut plantations (S.Reynolds)
1998 Grazing Livestock in the South-West Pacific: The benefits from improved production (D. Macfarlane)
1998 Manual of Smallholder Milk Production in the South Pacific (S. Lee)
1998 Sustainable Himalayan pasture and fodder production system; present problems and prospects. Proceedings of the third meeting of the Temperate Asia Pasture and Fodder Working Group held in Pokhara, Nepal, 9-13 March, 1998
1998 Integrated crop-livestock production systems and fodder trees, Proceedings of the sixth meeting of Regional Working Group on Grazing and Feed Resources of Southeast Asia, 5-10 October, 1998, Legaspi, Philippines
1998 Livestock - Coping With Drought: Namibia - a case study (J. Sweet)
1998 Kazak herders, winter feed and transhumant systems in Altai Prefecture, Xinjiang, China (S. G. Reynolds)
1997 Integration of animal production in coconut plantations (S. G. Reynolds)
1997 Livestock and the Environment
1997 Tree foliage in Ruminant Nutrition
1997 Food Security in Arid Rangelands: A Summary of Issues and Approaches (D.J. Pratt)
1997 Literature Review on Nomadic Women and the Use of Rangelands (R. Gritli)
1996 Fodder Production in Pakistan
1996 Workshop Proceedings of the second meeting of the Sub-Regional Working Group on Temperate Asia Pasture and Fodder held in Dehra Dun, India, 9-14 March, 1996
1996 Feed resources for smallholder livestock production in Southeast Asia,
Proceedings of the fifth meeting of Regional Working Group on Grazing and Feed Resources of Southeast Asia
, 16-20 January 1996, Vientiane, Lao PDR.
1995 Pasture-Cattle-Coconut Systems (S.G. Reynolds)
1995 The Status of Forage Based Ruminant Production in the South Pacific
(S. Lee and D. Macfarlane)
1995 Integration of ruminants into plantation systems in Southeast Asia
1995 Temperate Asia Pasture and Fodder Sub-Regional Working Group, Workshop Proceedings of the first meeting held in Kathmandu, Nepal, 26 February-2 March, 1995
1995 Enhancing sustainable livestock-crop production in smallholder-farming systems Proceedings of the fourth meeting of Regional Working Group on Grazing and Feed Resources of Southeast Asia, 20-24 March 1995, Nha Trang, Vietnam
1994 Leucaena opportunities and limitations-[ACIAR online]
1993 Weed Identification and Management in Vanuatu Pastures
1993 Strategies for suitable forage based livestock production in Southeast Asia, Proceedings of the third meeting of Regional Working Group on Grazing and Feed Resources of Southeast Asia, 31 January-6 February 1993, Khon Kaen, Thailand
1992 Managing Pastures and Cattle in Vanuatu
1991-1998 World Animal Review
1991 Legume Trees and Other Fodder Trees as Protein Sources for Livestock 
1991 Roots, tubers, plantains and bananas in animal feeding
1991 Utilisation of native forages for animal production, Proceedings of the second meeting of Regional Working Group on Grazing and Feed Resources of Southeast Asia, 26 February-5 March 1991, UP Los Banos, the Philippines
1990 Pasture Species Identification and Potential Adaptation
1990 Forages for plantation crops - [ACIAR Online]
1989 Feeding Dairy Cows in the Tropics
1989 Grasslands and forage production in Southeast Asia, Proceedings of the first meeting of Regional Working Group on Grazing and Feed Resourcesof Southeast Asia, 27 February-3 March 1989, Serdang, Malaysia
1988 The Current State of Knowledge on Prosopis juliflora
1986 Sugarcane as Feed 
1985 The Current State of Knowledge on Prosopis tamarugo
· · · · Animal Feed Resources Information Systems [FAO database on 700 feeds]