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This CD-ROM provides details about the pasture and forage resources of various countries in the context of relevant general, topographical, climatic and agro-ecological information with particular focus on livestock production systems. Profiles (80) are by region: Africa (20); Asia (14); Europe (14); Latin America and the Caribbean (11); Near East (6) and Southwest Pacific (15). The CD-ROM contains text as well as many figures, tables and photos. All profiles are in English with some also in French and Spanish.
Country Pasture Profiles.
Detailed description of pasture and forage resources by country
Rome, 2005
ISBN 92-5-105331-6
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This CD-ROM contains detailed descriptions of more that 600 grassland species from various agro-ecological zones. The Grassland Index database can be accessed by species common name, Latin name or genus. A linked Picture Gallery contains many photos. There is also a considerable bibliography and notes about the authors of each species profile   
Grassland Species Profiles.
Detailed descriptions and photos of more than 600 grassland species
Rome, 2005
ISBN 92-5-105330-8
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This book brings together information on the contrasting characteristics, condition, present use and problems of the world's main natural grasslands. Since grassland is commercialized through the grazing animal, particular attention is paid to the livestock production systems associated with each main type. Grazing resources are more than simply edible herbage: many other factors have been taken into account, notably water in all areas, and shelter in winter-cold climates. Seasonality of forage supply is a characteristic of almost all grazing lands, so the strategies for dealing with lean seasons are described. the main problems of each type are mentioned and possible strategies for their sustainable management discussed - taking into account their multiple functions, not only livestock production.  
Grasslands of the World
Plant Production and Protection Series No. 34
Edited by
J.M. Suttie, S.G. Reynolds and C. Batello
FAO, 2005
ISBN 92-5-105337-5
US$ 48.00
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This book looks at significant current grassland problems and issues, and provides an insight into grassland productivity in diverse areas of the world, with their various production systems.
There is a focus on recent technical advances and the prospects for further innovation, through twenty chapters by eminent grassland scientists, grouped into seven sections - forage germplasm; forage conservation; grass-based systems and organic production; climate change, biodiversity and biotechnology; geographical information systems; framer and pastoralist participation; and regional development. The book is timely in view of the expanding human and livestock populations, especially in arid and semi-arid environments, with the consequent pressure on the world's grasslands.

Grasslands: Developments Opportunities Perspectives
Edited by
S.G. Reynolds and J. Frame
FAO and Science Publishers, Inc.
FAO 92-5-105042-2
SPI 1-57808-359-1
US $ 74.00

The first part of this book deals with forage legume technology in terms of: plant development; nitrogen fixation; establishment; plant nutrition; weeds, pests and diseases; feeding value and utilization. The main part has profiles of 35 major and lesser used legume species with details of morphology, agronomic characteristics, nutritive value, utilization and animal performances. The book is timely in view of the increasing worldwide interest in and appreciation of the role and potential of forage legumes in temperate grasslands.  

Forage Legumes for Temperate Grasslands
by John Frame
Co-publication FAO and Science Publishers, Inc
(FAO) 92-5-105043
(SPI) 1-57808-358-3

$ 59.00

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This book, well illustrated, brings together information on the state of fodder oats worldwide, and is aimed mainly at agronomists and extension workers. It contains a series of regional studies focusing on oats used as fodder rather than grain. Oats are well adapted to areas of mild winters or cold climates with short growing seasons; their use is also expanding rapidly as a winter soil cover in subtropical South America. Oats have become very popular among small-scale farmers in Pakistan and surrounding areas, for dairy production and as a cash-crop to supply town dairies, and studies by national specialists in the Himalaya-Hindu Kush zone describe their development and use. Oats are easy to grow with equipment and techniques used for wheat. Introduction of multicut varieties has reinforced the popularity of oats as fodder, but continuous breeding efforts are necessary to maintain disease resistance. There are few breeders working on fodder oats, and new, young breeders and funding are needed to maintain the work.  
Fodder Oats: a world overview
By: J.M. Suttie and S.G. Reynolds
Plant Production and Protection Series No. 33
Rome, 2004, 266 pp.
ISBN 92-5-105243-3
ISSN 0259-2525
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Tous ensemble pour l'avenir du Sahel
Les aventures d'Aïssata et Demba entre élevage, agriculture et ressources naturelles
Pietro Bartoleschi, Caterina Batello and Sheila Edwards
FAO and UNEP 2004

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Proceedings of the Workshop on
Fodder Oats, Fodder Technology Packages and Small Farm Income Generation

Kathmandu, Nepal 8-11 March, 2005
D. Pariyar, J. Suttie, S.G. Reynolds (eds)

Tropical Forages: an interactive selection tool
CSIRO, DPI&F (Qld), CIAT & ILRI [also FAO and GTZ]
availaible as a Website or on CD-ROM
CD-ROM ISBN 0 643 09231 5
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Biosalinity News
May and July 2005 Newsletters now available
Salt-tolerant forage project

Rangelands of the Ravina Region in the Karakum Desert (Turkmenistan): Current Condition and Utilisation
by G. Gintzburger, S. Saïdi and V. Soti
(In collaboration with Hodja Hanchaev, Atajan Cherkezov & Abdul Jabbar Ustad Juma Livestock and Veterinary Medicine Institute, Ashkabat – Turkménistan).
2005, 121p. + Maps
ISBN 2-9524694-0-7
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Livestock, Fodder, Pastures and People
An Integrated Study in the Northern Areas of Pakistan
I.A. Wright and A.J. Duncan (eds)
ICIMOD and The Macaulay Institute
2005, 67 p.
ISBN 92-9115-059-2

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Forages and Feed Resources in Commercial Livestock Production Systems
Proceedings of the 8th Meeting of the Regional Working Group
on Grazing and Feed Resources for Southeast Asia

22-28 September, 2003
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Maylasian Agriculture Research and Developement Institute
Department of Veterinary Science
Universiti Putra Malaysia

Ridzwan A. Halim
Nor Raizan A. Hamid
Samiyah M. Nasir (eds)

ISBN 967-936-494-6

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With the intensification of agriculture during the last century, the number of grass species was reduced. A small number of species were selected and have come to dominate the grasslands and the seed market. A documented plea for a re-evaluation of spontaneous grasses, this book contains profiles of 43 temperate species, many of which are regaining importance in the context of agricultural intensification. Amply illustrated, each profile includes a description of the plant, its ecological requirements, its agronomic characteristics and its uses, including innovative and unusual. Wild and sown grasses is an invaluable work of reference for students of agriculture, lecturers, researchers, consultants, ecologists, nature conservationists and other involved in the diverse uses of grass communities.

Wild and sown grasses. Profiles of a temperate species selection: ecology, biodiversity and use
By: Alain Peeters
Rome, 2004, 324 pp.
ISBN 92-5-105159-3
[Co-published with Blackwell Publishing, UK.]

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This publication describes 25 different grasses and herbs occurring naturally in the middle and high Alpine zones suitable for restoration. Primarily for nature protection rather than merely for forage production, sit-specific grasses and herbs have gained significance in recent years. Large building projects (such as ski lifts, ski runs, snow-making facilities, reservoir power stations, roads and tourist infrastructure) must provide rapid surface protection, restoration stability and protection of biomes. Prerequisites for the successful realization of such aims are the production and availability of seeds of suitable site-specific species. This book describes the possibility of lucrative, non-regulated seed production of selected species and is addressed to innovative farmers and seed producers.

Site-Specific Grasses and Herbs
Seed production and use for restoration of mountain environments
Bernhard Krautzer, Giovanni Peratoner and Ferdinando Bozzo

FAO Plant Production and Protection Series No. 32
ISBN 92-5-105188-7
FAO 2004, 111 pp.
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The Future is an Ancient Lake
(Traditional knowledge, biodiversity and genetic resources for food and agriculture in Lake Chad Basin ecosystems)
Caterina Batello, Marzio Marzot and Adamou Harouna Touré
FAO, 2004, 307 pp.
FAO Interdepartmental Working Group on Biological Diversity for Food and Agriculture
ISBN 92-5-105064-3
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FAO, Viale delle Terme di Caracalla - 00100 Rome, Italy
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Migratory Cattle Grazing: An Ecosystem Approach to Herders' Livelihood
A case Study from Bhutan
M.R. Moktan, L. Norbu, D.B. Chhetri, K. Dukpa, T.B. Rai, K. Dhendup and Rinchen

Sponsored by World Wildlife Fund Bhutan Programme

For copies of the report, please contact:
Renewable Natural Resources Research Centre
Yusipang Westren Region
P.O. Box 212, Thimphu, Bhutan
tel:+975 02 EPABX 321602/3 Fax:+975 2 321601
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Strategic Innovations for Improving Pastoral Livelihoods in the Hindu Kush-Himalayan Highlands
Volume I: Workshop Proceedings
Volume II: Technical Papers
Proceedings of an International Workshop held in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region, People's Republic of China, May 12-19, 2002

Camille Richard
Kate Hoffmann (eds.)

ISBN 92-9115-846-1
International Center for Integrated Mountain Development
4/80 Jawalakhel, GPO Box 3226
Kathmandu, Nepal

Sustentabilidad, Desarrollo y Conservación de los ecosistemas
XX Reunión del Grupo Técnico Regional del Cono sur en mejoramiento y utilización de los recursos forrajeros del area tropical y subtropical

28,29,30 September, 2004
Regional Norte de la Universidad de la República, Salto, Uruguay
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Transhumant Grazing Systems in Temperate Asia
J.M. Suttie and S.G. Reynolds (eds)
FAO Plant Production and Protection Series No. 31
Rome, 2003, 352 pp.

ISBN 92-5-104977-7 ISSN 0259-2525
$38.00 (plus shipping cost)
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FAO, Viale delle Terme di Caracalla - 00100 Rome, Italy
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From Indifference to Awareness
Encountering Biodiversity in the Semi-Arid Rangelands of the Syrian Arab Republic
by Gianluca Serra, Douglas Williamson and Caterina Batello
Book and CD-Rom

FAO, 2003
Inter-Departmental Working Group on Biological Diversity for Food and Agriculture
ISBN 92-5-105054-6 (Book)
ISBN 92-5-105076-7 (CD-Rom)

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Know to move, move to know
Ecological knowledge and herd movement strategies among the Wodaabe of Southeastern Niger
Rome, 2003, 72 pp.
ISBN 92-5-105061-9

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Hay and Straw Conservation for
Small-scale farming and pastoral

by J. M. Suttie
FAO Plant Production and Protection Series No. 29
Rome, 2000
ISBN: 92-5-104458-9
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Conservación de heno y paja
para pequeños productores y
en condiciones pastoriles

Colección FAO: Producción y protección vegetal Nº 29
Roma, 2003, 336 págs.
ISBN 92-5-304458-6
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Conservation du foin et de la paille pour
les petits paysans et les pasteurs
Par: J. M. Suttie
Collection FAO : Production végétale et protection des plantes nº 29
Rome, 2004, 318 p.
ISBN 92-5-204458-2
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VIIth International Rangeland Congress
Durban 26 July - 1 August 2003

Printed abstracts and CD-ROM of Proceedings (US$100)
are now available from

A booklet on Rangeland Resources was made available
to Congress participants. (PDF)
A few copies are available.