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Las Leguminosas en Uruguay: y regiones vecinas
Parte 2: Caesalpinioideae
Parte 3: Mimosoideae
by Primavera Izaguirre and Rosario Beyhaut
Editorial Hemisferio Sur S.R.L. (and FAO) 2003, 302 pp.
ISBN: 9974-645-31-X
For information: Librería Peri, Editorial Agropecuaria Hemisferio Sur S.R.L.
Buenos Aires 335. Fax 916 4520
Forage Development in Southeast Asia: Strategies and Impacts
Proceedings of the 7th Meeting of the Regional Working Group on Grazing and Feed Resources for Southeast Asia
Manado, Indonesia July 2-7, 2001

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
University of Sam Ratulangi - Indonesia
F.A. Moog
S.G. Reynolds
K. Maaruf (eds.)
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Proceedings of the 5th Meeting of the Temperate Asia Pasture & Fodder Network (TAPAFON)
Held at RNR Research Centre Bajo, Wangdue, Bhutan
30th April-4th May 2002
Department of Research and Development Services
Ministry of Agriculture
Royal Government of Bhutan
Kinzang Wangdi
Walter Roder
Tsering Gyaltsen (Eds)
Nenne and Babuh discovering the natural resources of the Hindu Kush Himalayan region.
FAO and ICIMOD, 2002, 79 pp.
An illustrated booklet for young people in cartoon format with accompanying guide for teachers.
For further information and copies contact Caterina.Batello@fao and the Crop and Grassland Service of FAO.

Traditional Staple Foods and some Feed stuffs of the Pacific Islands: their chemistry, biochemistry and nutrient composition
by Eroarome Martin Aregheore

Published by IRETA and CTA, 2004, 66 pp.
ISBN: 982-175-146-6
For more information contact: Dr. E.M. Aregheore, USP, School of Agriculture, Department of Animal Science, Alafua Campus, Apia, Samoa

Biosalinity News
Newsletter of the International Center for Biosaline Agriculture
Volume 5, No. 1 March 2004

Contains information on halophyte grasses for animal feed, especially focus on Distichlis spicata and Sporobolus virginicus
For more information see:
or contact the editor, Biosalinity News, ICA

Drought-Resisting Strategies and Mechanisms in Plants Exploited by Humans
FAO, 2003

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