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South Pacific: Pasture/Forage Resource Profiles

This site provides forage resource information for 15 countries in the South Pacific - click here for area map


Feeds and Forages in Pacific Islands Farming Systems by Eroarome Martin Aregheore

Dairy production and trade in the South Pacific:  Prepared for FAO Regional Training Workshop on Milk Production and Processing (April 20th 1998) by Andrew McGregor and Krishna Prasad

Competitiveness of Milk Production in Fiji: Prepared for FAO Regional Training Workshop on Milk Production and Processing – April 20 1998 by Andrew McGregor and Krishna Prasad


Livestock Production in the South Pacific Islands (1999)

Grazing Livestock in the South-West Pacific: the benefits of improved production (1998)

Manual of Smallholder Milk Production in the South Pacific (1998)

The Status of Forage Based Ruminant Production in the South Pacific (1995)

Pasture-Cattle-Coconut Systems (1995)

Feed resources and the integration of animal production in coconut plantations

Vanuatu Pasture Improvement Project - Final Technical Report (1994)

Sustainable Beef Production From Smallholder and Plantation Farming Systems in the South Pacific (1993)

Weed Identification and Management in Vanuatu Pastures (1993)

Managing Pastures and Cattle in Vanuatu (1992)

Sustainable Commercial Beef Production in Vanuatu (1992)

Pasture Species Identification and Potential Adaptation (1990)

Forages for Plantation Crops (1991) - ACIAR publications - online

Integration of Ruminants into Plantation Systems in Southeast Asia (1994)

Agroforestry and Animal Production for Human Welfare (1994)


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A CD-ROM entitled "Dairying in the Southwest Pacific" is available. Prepared by the Grassland Group of AGPC and the Livestock Production and Feed Resources Groups of AGAP the CD-ROM is a follow up to the April 1998 Regional Workshop on Milk Production and Processing held in Fiji, Samoa and Tonga. Although prepared for countries in the Pacific it contains information that will be of interest to extension workers in dairying and pasture production and management in various parts of the tropics and sub-tropics. The contents include training manuals, searchable databases, bibliographies, full-text documents and publications, country profiles and photographs relating to feeds, forages, milk production and processing, animal health and diseases as well as details of various suppliers and useful websites. The CD-ROM is designed to provide a comprehensive   source of information for extension workers and has been produced with funding from project GCP/SAM/007/FRA.

For further information on the AGAP/AGPC CD-ROM and copies contact:
< Stephen Reynolds > or < Jean-Claude Lambert >


UNEP islands website

Crop Index of Purdue University
[crops are listed alphabetically by genus and common name, including a large number of forage and fodder tree species].

Forage Information System of Oregon State University
[Information on grasses and legumes]

A Guide to Better Pastures for the Tropics and Subtropics
[Details of tropical and sub-tropical grass and legume species from a book by L.R.Humphreys and I.J.Partridge. Species also subdivided according to rainfall requirements]

FAO Animal Feed Resources Information System (AFRIS)
[search under Fodder, Grass and Legumes]

FAO/SPC Animal Health Information System

Homepage of the Tropical Grassland Society of Australia

Publications of the Tropical Grassland Society of Australia

Homepage of CSIRO Australia

CSIRO publications

ACIAR publications - all proceedings

Homepage of Queensland Dept. of Primary Industries

Homepage of PROSEA - Plant Resources of South-East Asia
[Includes information about the PROSEA databank, and handbooks such as Prosea handbook No.4: 'Forages' which deals with forage plants for South East Asia].

Massey Univ. NZ - Pastures and Crops Group

SPREP-South Pacific Regional Environment Programme

FAO Statistics Database by Country

Homepage of CABI International

Homepage of ICRAF - International Centre for Research in Agroforestry (World Agroforestry Center)

The small islands developing states network

Information on Small Island Developing States including Cooks Islands, fiji, Papua new Gunea, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu...

Pacific Islands News and Information

Secretariate of the Pacific Community Homepage

The University of New South Wales links to Pacific Island Sites

The Pacific Island region - Melanesia, Micronesia and Polynesia

SPC - Agriculture Programme

Maps of some Pacific Islands

Large map of Oceania

Pacific Island Websites by country