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RICEinfo or Rice Information System

Deceleration in the growth of rice production, especially in several Asian countries, is a cause for concern in terms of world food security. Based upon the 1997 estimated production of 570 million tons, at least, an additional 190 million tons of paddy will be required in the year 2025. Sustainable rice production is faced with the limited area for expansion in Asia and considerable socio-economic constraints in other continents.

Information on rice and its production factors and technologies is essential for constructive effort towards sustainable rice development and production. The main objective of RICEinfo is to make available to interested individuals (farmers, developers, researchers, extension workers, policy makers, etc.) and institutions (governmental and non-governmental organizations, private and international agenicies) useful information in order to assist them in their efforts to improve sustainable rice production.

RICEinfo is developed and maintained by the International Rice Commission and the Rice Development Programme of the Crop and Grassland Service, in collaboration with other technical divisions and services of FAO, international agricultural research centers, and national rice programmes.

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