The preparation of RICEINFO was done in collaboration with other FAO technical units, members of the Steering Committee of the International Rice Commission, National Agricultural Research Systems, and International Agricultural Research Centers. The sources of information for the preparation of RICEINFO include:

  • The FAOSTAT and the back-to-office reports of officers belonging to FAO's technical units and which are members of the Steering Committee of the International Rice Commission (IRC). From 1980 to 1999, several hundred missions were undertaken to rice-producing countries worldwide by these officers.
  • The survey undertaken in 1987 by the IRC in collaboration with national programmes in member countries
  • The country reports presented at Regular Sessions of the IRC; workshops organized by FAO-supported networks on rice and related subjects; reports by FAO consultants and field projects; FAO Representations in member countries; and published articles and books, which are included in the List of References
  • The contributions of researchers and scientists of rice programmes in FAO member countries and at international agricultural research institutes, which are included in List of Contributors.