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FAO Electronic Conference on
Tropical Silage

1 September to 15 December 1999

 The Conference:

The Conference was structured with 12 invited papers, each of which was supported by shorter (1-2 pages) poster papers. Participants were invited to present a poster paper outlining their experiences or results. 

The conference was moderated by Professor Len 'tMannetje from Wageningen with technical assistance from Hector Osorio, CIPAV, Colombia. The papers and posters are published here electronically, prior to final editing and publication of the proceedings in the near future.


The Grassland and Pasture Group and Feed Resources Group of FAO

  • Caterina Batello, Agricultural Officer of AGPC
  • Stephen Reynolds, Senior Officer of AGPC
  • Andrew Speedy, Senior Officer of AGAP
  • Len 'tMannetje, Wageningen
  • Max Shelton, University of Queensland


A review of the potential for use of tropical silage for livestock production, with special reference to smallholders.

The use of silage has long been an integral component of temperate feeding systems worldwide as a means to ensure year-round feed supply to high producing animals. However its use in the tropics has been restricted to isolated cases, usually involving higher return enterprises and particularly the dairy industry. What are the reasons for its apparent lack of application in the tropics? This conference examines this question and all aspects of silage making in the tropics.

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