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The place of silage in ruminant production in the humid tropics. C.C. Wong
Silage making activities of the department of veterinary services Malaysia. F. Y. Chin and A.B. Idris
Basic reasons of failure of silage production in Pakistan Syed. Hassan Raza
The Use of Silage in Year-Round Feeding System: The Case in Sarangani Agricultural Company, Inc. cattle operation in Southern Philippines. J. M. Montemayor, R.A. Enad and F.U. Galarrita
Silages from tropical forages: nutritional quality and milk production. Aminah A., Abu Bakar C. and Izham A.
Silage quality and losses due to ensiling of Napier grass, Columbus grass and maize stover under small holder conditions in Kenya. P.J.M. Snijders and A.P. Wouters
Wet Season Silage Production at Taminmin High School. Chris Regan
Kikuyu Grass Composition and Implications for Silage Production. Alan G. Kaiser, John W. Piltz, Euie J. Havilah and John F. Hamilton
Silage of Cratylia argentea as a dry season feeding alternative in Costa Rica. P. J. Argel, M. Lobo di Palma, F. Romero, J. González, C. E. Lascano, P.C. Kerridge and F. Holmann.
A Comparison of the Nutritive Value of Cavalcade legume pasture and Pangola grass pasture preserved as silage or hay. Chris Regan
Tomato Pomace-Rice Straw Silage as Feed for Growing Cattle. Rogelio R. Caluya
Rumen Metabolism of Sheep Fed Silage Containing Poultry Litter. Shahid RasooI, S.H.Raza and Tanveer Ahmad
Voluntary Intake and Digestibility of Treated Oil Palm Fronds.  M. Wan Zahari1, S. Oshio, D. Mohd Jaafar, M. A. Najib, I. Mohd Yunus and M.S. Nor Ismail
Sweet Corn Stover Silage Production. A.B. Idris, S.M. Yusoff and A. Sharif
Successful Smallholder Silage Production: A Case Study from Northeast Thailand.Ganda Nakamanee
Grain Corn Silage and Forage Corn Silage Evaluation on the Nelore and Canchim Cattle Performance in Feedlot. Anselmo Jose Spadotto et al.
Development of Ensiling Technology for the Small Holder Cattle Owners in Zimbabwe.M. Titterton et al.
Sweet Sorghum-A fine forage crop for the Beijing region, China.  Li Dajue and Song Guangwei
Tropical Maize Silage in Central Brazil. Raúl R. Vera and Esteban A. Pizarro
Evaluation of Different Harvest Times of Four Genotypes of Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) for Ensiling.  Gonçalves L.C. et al.
Sila-wrapped Grass Silage Production Using the Small Bale System (SBS) for Feeding of Goats and Sheep. S.S. Shariffah Noorhani, A. Aini & A.B. Idris
Little Bag Silage. Ian R. Lane
Effect of Time of Day on the Water Soluble Carbohydrate Content of Kikuyu Grass. Alan G. Kaiser, John W. Piltz, John F. Hamilton and Euie J. Havilah
Evaluation of Quality and Nutritive Value of Napier Grass Silage with Different Growth Stages Either Chopped or Unchopped in Northeast Thailand. Mitsuru Shinoda et al.
The Use of Molasses to Improve the Fermentation of Low-Dry Matter Kikuyu Grass Silages. John W. Piltz et al.
Use of Dehydrated Sugar Cane (Saccharum officinarum) as an Additive to Napier Grass (Pennisetum purpureum) Ensilage. José Neuman Miranda Neiva et al.

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