109.6 Plant Production & Protection Division (AGP)

Functional Statement

.61 General

.611 The Division's objective is to assist FAO Members to develop sustainable agricultural systems which will improve crop and grassland productivity and create conditions for enhanced food security and general economic development. It does so by promoting policies, strategies and programmes aimed at conserving and sensibly developing agriculture's biological resource base in partnership with farmers and rural peoples.

.612 The Division places particular attention to the conservation of plant genetic resources, their development and utilization through plant breeding and seed production, and their protection from field to market. In this connection, the Division provides policies, strategies and programmes, provides technical support to international agreements, promotes appropriate technologies, and offers information services.

.62 Organizational Structure

.63 Office of the Director (AGPD)


  1. Advises the Assistant Director-General, AG, regional and sub-regional representatives in matters relating to the Division's fields of activity.
  2. Ensures liaison and coordination with, and supplies information, guidelines and support to FAO Members, UN and specialized agencies, other global, regional and national bodies and various segments of the Organization, including regional and sub-regional offices.
  3. Exercises overall management responsibility including planning, supervising and ensuring the implementation of the approved Programme of Work and Budget (PWB) in the Division's field of competence. Provides budgetary and administrative oversight, supervising staff, and coordination with other concerned units of FAO.
  4. Coordinates the planning of the programme of work and ensures its technical quality and implementation through staff and non-staff resources at all locations (Headquarters and decentralized offices).
  5. Ensures the appraisal of field projects, the identification of programmes and projects in collaboration with its decentralized structures, and the provision of specialized support, on request from TC Department, in the formulation or implementation of projects, preferably through its decentralized structures. It also ensures the technical quality of the Field Programme to an acceptable standard, through the appraisal of project documents and clearance of technical and terminal reports. Provides technical support to the WFP projects, if applicable.
  6. Develops and provides technical guidance and support to special action programmes.
  7. Provides advice, assistance and support to governmental policies and strategies in collaboration with the Policy Assistance Division (TCA) and the regional policy assistance groups.
  8. Provides leadership, coordination or assistance, as required, to UN and specialized agencies, and other global, regional and national bodies in its fields of activity.
  9. Promotes and coordinates actions in the divisional fields of activity through collaboration efforts including Technical Cooperation among Developing Countries (TCDC).
  10. Represents the Organization at technical and inter-agency meetings in the Division's fields of activity.

.64 Crop and Grassland Service (AGPC)

.641 The Service provides technical advice to FAO Members on increasing sustainable crop and grassland production through plant improvement, application of plant biotechnology techniques, development of integrated production systems and rational grassland management.

.642 Organizational Structure

.643 Activities

.65 Plant Protection Service (AGPP)

.651 The Service promotes effective plant protection, which is safe to human health and the environment, so as to avoid or reduce crop losses caused by plant pests, during growth, in transit and in storage. It aims at reducing emergency situations caused by transboundary pests (particularly through EMPRES).

.652 Organizational Structure

.653 Activities

.66 Seed and Plant Genetic Resources Service (AGPS)

.661 The Service provides technical advice to FAO Members on seed and planting material improvement and production programmes and policies, including seed security, exchange, testing, processing, quality control, storage and utilization. It assists and advises on conservation and sustainable utilization of plant genetic resources.

.662 Organizational Structure

.663 Activities