(Worldwide Grassland, Fodder And Forage Links)



Forage species, plant databases etc.

The International Plant Names Index


Listing of Plant Name Databases

Texas natural resources web

University of New England Australia Pastures site

Vicia villosa - vetch

Kew's survey of economic plants for arid and semi-arid lands (SEPASAL)

Foragebeef (Canada)

World grass flora


The international plant names index

Purdue University Crop Index
[crops are listed alphabetically by genus and common name, including a large number of forage and fodder tree species].

Purdue University Crop Search
[crop search using common or botanical name]

Oregon State University New Forage Information System

Oregon State University Forage Information System - Index
[Information on forage species, pastures,hay,silage,crops etc and world wide links (other wwws)].

Oregon State University - Grasses

Oregon State University - Legumes

Oregon State University - Pictures of Grasses and Legumes

Oregon State University -Forage Species wwws

Oregon State University - terminology
[Terminology for grazing lands and grazing animals]

Oregon State University - glossary
[Glossary of forage-related terms]


Forage databases in UK

USDA plant database

PROSEA - Plant Resources of South-East Asia
[Homepage - Includes information about the PROSEA databank, and handbooks such as Prosea handbook No.4: 'Forages' which deals with forage plants for South East Asia].

A Guide to Better Pastures for the Tropics and Subtropics
[Details of tropical and sub-tropical grass and legume species from a book by L.R.Humphreys and I.J.Partridge. Species also subdivided according to rainfall requirements] 

Book on "Approved pasture varieties for NSW"(Australia) lists various grasses and legumes

Winrock International
[includes information about forage tree species, seed sources etc].

US National Genetic Resources Programme
[National Plant Germplasm System] 

USDA plants database enquiries

Mississippi State University information on pastures and forages

California Rangelands - perennial native grass species 

California Rangelands - annual native grass species

Common Range plants of Texas

University of Kansas Forage Facts Notebook
[information on grasses and legumes]

Forage-livestock systems at Cornell

New York State - Forage crop recommendations

Ohio State and Virginia Tech Plant Dictionary

Oklahoma forages - photos

Oklahoma forages - photos of clovers

Oklahoma forages - photos of grasses

Funet - database
[Species lists; A - Z]

Texas A & M Vascular Plant Image Gallery

Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew homepage

Kew database - International Plant Names Index (IPNI)

Kew - recent legume literature

Kew databases - world grass flora

Kew databases - gramineae

Grass genera of the world

Australian National Botanic Gardens homepage

Oxford Forestry Institute, Tropical forestry paper No. 37, LEUCAENA: A GENETIC RESOURCE HANDBOOK by Colin E.

Leucnet News Homepage -Contact: Alan Pottinger

IDRC - Cover Crops for Sustainable Agriculture

IDRC Mucuna pruriens - photos

A workshop series on Cover Crops and Managed Fallows for Improving and Sustaining the productivity of Tropical Farming System

New Stylosanthes guianensis for Tropical Grasslands

Pasturas de America - Grasses and legumes

The Lotus Newsletter (I)

The Lotus Newsletter (II)

California Alfalfa and Forages

Forages species selection tool

North Dakota and Minnesota Range Plants

Photos of grasses and legumes

Canadian Ecosystem and Plants (species details photo and brief description)

Index of field crops...mostly forages

Index of crops by common name

Index of crops by latin name

Forage Species I

Forage species II

Identifying pasture grasses

Plant Names database

Alberta Forage Manual

CIAT Forages Homepage

CIAT Tropical Forage Database/Forrajes Tropicales Base de Datos
(To order a copy see : and

Department of Agriculture - Western Australia

Publications of the BGS Forage Legumes Group

Good link for number of legumes

Grass species list - Montana State University

Comparative characteristics of forage species in Montana

Species database

Databases and information systems

Digital plant photo library

Native Wildflowers in the North Dakota Grasslands

Ontario Forage crops Committee