Electronic Conference on
Tropical Silage
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Introduction to the conference on silage making in the tropics. L.'t Mannetje.
Silage fermentation processes and their manipulation. Stefanie J. W. H. Oude Elferink, Frank Driehuis, Jan C. Gottschal, and Sierk F. Spoelstra.
Use of ensiled forages in large scale animal production systems.Tom Cowan.
Grass and legume silages in the tropics. Titterton, M. and Bareeba, F. B.
The potential use of tropical silage for livestock production with special reference to smallholders. David H. Machin.
Silage from by-products for smallholders. Kayouli Chedly and Stephen Lee.
Silage from tropical cereals and forage crops. G. Ashbell 
and  Z.G.Weinberg
Harvesting and Ensiling Techniques. Dr. Félix Ojeda García.
Additives to Improve the Silage Making Process of Tropical Forages. Paulo R . F. Mühlbach
The Future of Silage Making in the Tropics L.'t Mannetje
Summary of the Discussion  L. 't Mannetje
Final Remarks and Analysis of Questionnaire S.G. Reynolds

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