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Utilisation of Mulberry in Animal Production Systems.
Jorge Benavides, Researcher, CATIE, Turrialba, Costa Rica 

Mulberry: an exceptional forage available almost worldwide! 
Manuel D. Sánchez, Animal Production Officer, FAO, Rome, Italy


World Distribution and Utilization of Mulberry, Potential for Animal Feeding. 
Manuel D. Sánchez, Animal Production Officer, FAO, Rome, Italy

Mulberry Cultivation and Utilization in China
Yongkang Huo, Regional Sericulture Training Centre for Asia and Pacific, South China Agricultural University, Guangzhou, China

Mulberry Cultivation and Utilization in India 
R. K. Datta, Central Sericultural Research & Training Institute, Central Silk, Board,  Srirampura, Mysore 570 008 India

Mulberry Breeding, Cultivation and Utilization in Japan.
Hiroaki Machii, Akio Koyama and Hiroaki Yamanouchi. National Institute of Sericultural and Entomological Science, Owashi, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan.

Mulberry Germplasm and Cultivation in Brazil
J. E. de Almeida andTamara Canto Fonseca.  Instituto de Zootecnia, São Paolo, Brazil

Agronomic Studies with Mulberry in Cuba.
G. Martín, F. García, F. Reyes, I. Hernández, T. González and M. Milera. Estación Experimental de Pastos y Forrajes "Indio Hatuey". Matanzas, Cuba - Centro Politécnico "Villena Revolución", La Habana, Cuba.

The Potential of Mulberry Foliage as Feed Supplement in India
B. Singh.  Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Regional Station, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh, India.  Harinder P. S. Makkar, Animal Production and Health Section,  Joint FAO/IAEA Division, Vienna, Austria

Management and Utilisation of Mulberry for Forage in Japan. 1. Productivity of mulberry-pasture association system and nutritive value of  mulberry.  N. Kitahara, S. Shibata and T. Nishida,  Department of Grassland Management, National Grassland Research Institute, Japan

Potential of Mulberry as Feed for Ruminants in Central Tanzania
C.M. Shayo,  Zonal Research and Development Centre,  Livestock Production Research Institute, Mpwapwa, Tanzania

Establishment and Management of Mulberry for Intensive Forage Production
Carlos Boschini F. Experimental Station Alfredo Volio Mata, University of Costa Rica Tres Ríos, Costa Rica

The Nutritional Value of Mulberry Leaves and their Use as Supplement to Growing Sheep Fed Ammoniated Rice Straw
Liu, J.X.1*, Jun Yao1, Yan, B.1 J.Q.Yu2, Z.Q.Shi1 and X.Q.Wang1.  1 College of Animal Sciences, Zhejiang University (Huajiachi Campus), Hangzhou, China. 2 Animal Production and Health Station, Tongxiang, Zhejiang, China

Evaluation and utilisation of mulberry for poultry production in Japan
Hiroaki Machii.  National Institute of Sericultural and Entomological Science, Owashi, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan

Evolution of Research on Mulberry as Cattle and Sheep Feed in Central Italy. Alessandra Angeloni. PhD student, University of Udine, Italy.

Supplementation of Grazing Dairy Cattle with Mulberry in the High Part of the Central Valley of Costa Rica.J. Benavides, I. Hernández, J. Ésquivel, J. Vasconcelos, J. González and E. Espinosa CATIE, Turrialba, Costa Rica

Mulberry in Livestock Feeding Systems in Cuba: Forage Quality and Goat Growth. E. González and Milagros Milera. Estación Experimental de Pastos y Forrajes "Indio Hatuey". Matanzas, Cuba.

Conservation of Mulberry as Silage.  I. Effect on Nitrogenous Compounds. F. Ojeda, I. Montejo y Guadalupe Pérez. Estación Experimental de Pastos y Forrajes Indio Hatuey. Central España Republicana, Matanzas, Cuba.

Effects of the Grazing Animals and the Cutting on the Production and the Intake of a Morus alba-Subterranean Clover Association. P. Talamucci, A. Pardini, G. Argenti. Department of Agronomy and Land Management, University of Florence - Italy.

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