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Coleman G S Cultivation of rumen entodiniomorphid protozoa on tropical animal feeds

Beveridge R A & Leng R A The effects of forage on rumen fluid volume and outflow in cattle given molasses based diets

Pound B, Done F & Preston T R Biogas production from mixtures of cattle slurry and pressed sugar cane stalk, with and without urea

Farrell D J, Hamid R & Hutagalung R I Free-choice feeding of laying hens in the humid tropics

Saadullah M, Haque M & Dolberg F Effectiveness of ammonification through urea in improving the feeding value of rice straw in ruminants

Dixon M, Priego A, Wyllie D & Preston T R Intake, rumen liquid flow rates and fermentation in bulls fed sisal pulp supplemented with leucaena forage, pasture or rice polishings

Paterson R T & Horrell C R Forage legume in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Adebowale E A The maize replacement  value of fermented cassava peels (Manihot utilissma Pohl) in rations for sheep

Yee Tong Wah K L, Hulman B & Preston T R Effect of urea level on the performance of cattle on a molasses/urea and restricted forage feeding system

Espaillat J M, McCreary D T & Santhirasegararam K Calving performance of some beef herds in the Dominican Republic

Milagros Bobadilla & Margaret Gill Fermentaion of sugar cane juice with different levels of formalin/urea

Hoffman A The use of coconut cake and fish silage as pig feed in the Seychelles

Hughes-Jones M & Peralta G Observations on the use of sodium hydroxide, aqueous ammonia and urea on ensiling  sugar cane tops and pressed cane stalk

Teeluck J P, Nicolin R, Hulman B & Preston T R A note on the use of cassava (Manihot esculenta) as a combined roughage and protein source for growing cattle fed molasses/urea