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Food Standards Agency review of BSE controls Final Report, 20 December 2000  - (USE MICROSOFT EXPLORER TO VIEW)
The UK BSE Inquiry: The Phillips BSE Inquiry Report  (downloaded pdf version)
pdficon.gif (1041 bytes) Volume 1 Findings and conclusions    
Volume2 Volume 2: Science
Volume3 The Early Years, 1986–88
Volume4 The Southwood Working Party, 1988–89
Volume5 Animal Health, 1989–96
Volume6 Human Health, 1989–96
Volume7 Medicines and Cosmetics
Volume8 Variant CJD (vCJD)
Volume9 Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland
pdficon.gif (1041 bytes)Volume 10 Economic Impact and International Trade   
Volume11 Scientists after Southwood
Volume12 Livestock Farming
Volume13 Industry Processes and Controls
Volume14 Responsibilities for Human and Animal Health
Volume15 Government and Public Administration
Volume16 Reference Material
Ministry of agriculture fisheries and food (MAFF)
Animal Byproducts
UK Statistics
UK Research into BSE
UKSpongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Committee(SEAC) Public summary of meeting on 29 September 2000
summary of the chronologypdf.gif (121 bytes) of BSE in the UK
A range of statistics related to BSE and other TSEs
BSE Bulletin 52
BSE Bulletin 51
UK Department of heath - Monthly CJD statistical figures
UK health and safety executive -  BSE and carcase disposal
BSE measures taken by UK - October 2000
BSE measures taken by UK Progress Report - June 2000